The City that never sleeps

So yesterday I met up with my dear new friend Kelly B of MASQUE mag for dinner at Hotel Roger in NYC. It was a Drink and Menu tasting which I've never ever been to before so it was so nice of her to invite me as her plus one :) *feeling special* The foods and drinks were delicious, esp. the friend chicken YUM!
After dinner we just HAD to take outfit pictures of course ;), and what better place to do it at night then at Time Square. I must admit I've gotten very used to Time Square, I've been her so many times now that to me it isn't a big deal anymore, haha! Which also when I think about it makes me feel fortunate to have been able to visit this huge tourist spot so many times, plus living close to NYC, which I'm still trying to get used to. Love it!
but man oh man is Time Square super crowded at this summer time, I feel more of a local complaining and grunting trying to zig zag by people to get to where I need. So frustrating HAHA!

Love these pics that Kelly took of me, it's been a while since I rocked a bun :P so I decided to wear a braided bun for the special occasion ;) and what better top to wear with a nice up-do then this ruffled top from HM.
LOL acting Tourist
Ruffled top from HM, Black pants from Lindex, Flats from Juicy Couture, Various rings, DIY bracelet gifted, earrings from Aldo.

And now to the announcement of the WINNER OF THE BAGGU BAG.

Congratulations Maureen!
I've sent you an e-mail, so just get back to me as soon as possible so I can send you your BAGGU. ;)

Thanks for reading and following


Anonymous said…
i wish i could rock my hair like that! :( so pretty
Kristel Knows said…
I wish I could rock your hair! ;) <3
Unknown said…
You adorable. Love the hair!!! Very nice pics. Esp the first one :)
Marta said…
You look soo pretty!!! And the bun is simple but amazing at the same time!

The top is gorgeous too, is it new or from past seasons? I´ve seen recently a lot of blog posts about amazing H&M+ clothes, but when I go to the store my heart breaks because I can´t find any of those gorgeous clothes. At least here in Spain :(

Ariana said…
You look gorgeous! Love the braided bun. I wish I had that much hair!
ari said…
Love that beautiful high bun on you! Stunning!
Charchiccc said…
You look amazing! Especially love the braided bun! I just love the second picture haha :) x
ZAG said…
You're absolutely beautiful!! Digging the braid; with this heatwave approaching, I think I'll be rocking the bun very soon. I need to get started on my blogger challenges =]
Falala Mele said…
hi Jen! My sister and I are in NY! Loving it and the little heatwave....Anyways if your still keen lets try and meet up sometime this week. Maybe you can show us around to your fave places to shop?

Email me so we can arrange something if your free.

Mele from Australia
socialitedreams said…
that top bun looks like a cute mini top hat, SUPER fab! i love it and that top ofyours is gooorgeous

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