THE DRESS: Faded Glory womens plus size knit dress with smocked waist $13.88 at WALMART
Sunglasses and shoes are all from Charlotte Russe, Bracelets, rings and earrings are all from Foreve21, MAC lipstick UP THE AMP, Bags are all from HM, Deep blue belt from HM, Black and brown reverse belt from, ALL Turquoise sandal wedges are from HM.
Found this dress the other day on Walmart's website, I love the price and I love the mosaic pattern with the blue, purple and turquoise colors. Only 14 bucks, ok ok, it's mostly in polyester but who cares when the dress looks this good, sizes go up to 4XL. Flattering length and neckline, and flattering waist. WANT IT!
So with this dress that's affordable you can really spice it up with whatever accessories you like pricey or not. I got inspired to find accessories in the same colors as the dress, and found a lot of amazing deep blue and turquoise colors. The dress is so nice as it is and really stands out alone so you don't need to wear a lot of accessories but a few stand out pieces you can always add, a nice pair of shoes, of course, maybe a bracelet with a pair of earrings, or a nice color pop ring with a nice color pop bag. I don't know.:) All I know is that there's NO LIMITS to how you can  accessorize you're look with such an inspirational dress.

The deep blue suede heels from Charlotte Russe, Turquoise "see-through" bag from HM, Up the amp lipstick from MAC (My favorite), and the blue and white leo pattern shades are my favorites!
  What are yours? 


Unknown said…
Such cute finds, I absolutely adore anything turquoise and purple isn't bad either. I really like the turquoise polka dot sunglasses, the see-through bag, and the deep blue shoes are gorgeous.


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