DIY Studded shorts

It's passed midnight, Friday the 15th and it's officially my birthday. Woot woot! I can not believe I'm 25 years old, omg, I'm so OOOOOOOLD!!!! haha, what have I done with my life?! haha!
Well, I don't feel too bad about getting older, I would have felt differently if I was still living back home in Sweden, living at home with my mother, still working at the same job, and...not really excelling in life. I would have had an anxiety attack. But I'm here, I moved, I left my job...I'm excelling, I'm doing something different. I got married. yay! With the best man ever, many times a pain in the ass...he teases me a lot, but he's my best friend and I can say or do anything with him, he's the perfect guy for me. We're perfect together, we're really tight. is not too bad I must say, and turning 25 is alright.

So, the shorts you see in these pics are the ones I wore to the city this passed weekend for the dinner, I bought studs on eBay and searched some inspiration of Pinterest and put them all on one side...I wish they were a little bit bigger, I wasn't really aware of the size when I bought them. But the're fine, I like the "half-ass" look. haha! it's my first DIY pair of shorts so...I'm giving myself some cred for not messing them up to bad.
OOOH MYY GOOOD, Jason is talking in his sleep, hilarious!! Wish you guys could hear it, scared the shit out of me at first.

Well, it's 02:45AM and I'm only gonna get about 4-5 hours of sleep, so I'm way passed my bedtime. Gotta get up early and get ready for the BE-YOU-tiful pop-up blogger party at FFFWeek tomorrow morning at 10AM.
I wanna look reeeeeaaaal fresssshhhh....but not too overly done, I mean it's gonna be 10AM in the morning, nothing too flasy, but still.....FRESH....."just turned 25 years old"-freessshhh." (Why am I using the word fresh all of a sudden?)
Top from Forever21 size L, Shorts mens jeans size 40 - DIY cut-offs put on studds, Various rings, flats from Steve Madden.

ZZzzzzz, night night! XOXO

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Update 02:57 - Mayor FAIL moment, I just realize that I don't even have a pinterest logo on the sidebar, omg. *face palm*


Nichole said…
Love your rings, and your shorts turned out well! Happy birthday and have fun at your event today!
Malene said…
Happy birthday!!! :D
Hope you have a wonderful day.
skiminastka said…
Happy birthday!!!
You look great! You have birthday like my best friend:)
Eva said…
Happy bday girl!! :)
Those shorts look fab. xx
Unknown said…
Happy birthday my dear! love the shorts BTW!

OKAY hot stuff!!! love these photos!!
skiminastka said…
and She has 25 too :)

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