Dress on!

Last week was "dress off" this week it's def. "dress on". This week as so far been waaay waay more chilly then the last one, kind of nice because last week was humid as hell and me and humidity we don't really get along, I don't think most of people do anyway haha. Hot...sticky....feels like you're in a sauna sort of, stuffy air. I like crisp air...crisp fresh Scandinavian air. haha! A little bit of the Sun from here matched together some low humidity air, that's like PERFECT! 
Anyway, So pants and cardigan ON! I love these jeans, super skinny, perfect length. Thank you Old Navy for making a pair of super awesome pair of skinnies! Too bad you're out of stock like all the time though, haha, they are popular I guess. This cardigan I got on SALE at F21's memorial weekend sale, it was like 5 bucks. I like the colors on the pattern so I was hooked.
I love my hair in these pics, haha sorry, i really do. See I have a problem...that I never point out because it's straight out embarrassing, but here we go. I'm sure many of the peps that I meet have seen it *eek* it's ok I'm aware of my scalp issue...haha. I have super dry scalp, it's flaky as hell and  i just hate it, hate it to the point where i dont wanna deal with it. I know it's bad. but...I've recently bought Head and shoulders and you guys are probably wondering why I haven't tried it out before because it's a really good brand, and my answer is I don't know. really bad I know haha. I have nooo excuse what so ever...I suck...omg, but I got the scalp 2-1 shampo thingy, and I can already say, after only 2 washes that it really works, after the 1st wash I saw less flakes. SUCCESS!! 
I can imagine my sis is really happy right now saying "PINALLI!" So, I can really recommend that shampoo for my fellow flaky scalpers out there. My hair feels light and flowy, soft with no dry-ness.
Tribal print cardigan from Forever21 SALE size L, White top from HM size L, Super skinny jeans from OLD NAVY size 16, Various rings, DIY bracelets, Necklace from Forever21, Flats from Juicy Couture, Big cross earring from Stylebytyra.se.

BTW! :D All fabulous fashionistas joining in on the summer challenge I've made a tab for it on the right top corner labeled "BFSC" with a list of all the girls participating in the challenge with links to there blogs, go check it out! :)
The rules are there and all the information that you need. For all peps that hasn't joined and want to join please do, it's not too late! Just leave a comment with blog address so that I can follow you. You can actually leave a comment on the tab side "BFSC" :)
Thanks for joining ya'll. Really excited to see what you girls chose to wear. *clap clap clap*



skiminastka said…
cardigan is amazing:) and I love your charm:)
socialitedreams said…
hope your scalp stays regulated now with the head and shoulders!

love the cardigan :D

BodyCon Dress - Big Fat Summer Challenge Look 1
Kristel Knows said…
*blush* thanks sweety!<3
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you hun! :D love your first summer challenge post! YAY!
Nichole said…
Love that cardigan! Awesome look!

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