Exclusive Carmakoma Preview!

I've gotten the privilege to get a FIRST viewing of Carmakoma's up and coming lookbook for AW12 that hits stores and online in August. They have kindly shared their lookbook with me so that I can share it with my readers. :) 
These pictures hasn't been released to the world yet but only to a few plus size fashion bloggers so I'm really excited to share my favorites bits and pieces with you all! 

Carmakoma is a Danish plus size clothing brand, and I'm really loving their vision and value of their brand. They offer a huge selection of feminine, cool, sexy and rock and roll inspired clothes with a sweetness to it. I've always been a fan, I love the simple statement pieces, the all black and the edgy-ness. 
The coming collection has a lot of styles that I LOVE right now, the Hi Lo (of course) Zipper details, over size tops, fun prints and cut outs.

Let me know what you think? Which ones are your favorites?
Aster, Avocet, Bellis, and Besra.
Calluna, Cardinal, Carlina, and Chat.
Coleto2, Coleto, Clematis Sugar and Clematis pink.
Curlev, Dicentra, Droceras Sugar, and Flicker.
Francolin Black, Francolin Gold, Francolin Paintdrop and Hornbill.
Hulumus, Hummingbird Powder, Inula, and Iris.
Francolin Silver, Gadwall, Hoppoe and Hosta.
Ixia, Jacana, Jalapa and Liatris.
Betulis, Bunting, Blackbird, and Camellia. 
Hope you all enjoyed the preview of Carmakoma's AW12 styles. My favorites are the jackets, I can see myself living in that huge brown jacket "Hosta" it is SO my kind of winter jacket, love it! Also love the Over size hi lo tees and the Zipper detailed pants, Francolin skirts and the Liatris dress, GIVE ME! lol :D
Leave a comment with some feeback!

Thanks for reading and following, all my love you ya!


Amarachi said…
The leather skinnys are to die for!!! & I love the textured skirts!
Chichi O said…
is it a trick question lol ( which is my fav) the pink and blk dress the blk lace dress the leather skirt most especially the metallic tulip skirts
Natalie Mulford said…
Oh my god! I LOVE IT ALL! I don't think I could decide on one item!
Malene said…
I love all the Francolin skirts!
I love Carmakoma! However I usually get pretty disapointed in the quality of the pieces.
Unknown said…
Good lord, gimme all of it! I especially love the jumpsuit, the wrap skirts and the print dresses. So sophisticated and edgy at the same time!

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