FFFweek kick off

I can not express how much I miss my family and my dear old friends back in Sweden...and my car lol. :P No but, I really miss my friends back home. I often wish they were here so that I could show them around NJ and NYC and have a great time! I often feel...like there's something missing, that little extra spark of feeling "at home", feeling comfortable, feeling you're a part of something good, the feel of a strong bond, you know what I mean. But...when meeting the girls for dinner this weekend in the city made me feel so whole as a person, if that makes any sense, we'd never met before but we all just clicked, like Rikke said on her blog. 
You know when you meet new people and you have to "play it safe", test the crowd, observe, have good timing, you over-think every thing. You think about what you do or what you say, and how you behave, is this OK? etc. All to avoid dislikes in the new group of people you're meeting for the first time. I did not even think about that AT ALL with you girls, I mean it's something I do LOL, maybe it's just me...because I'm a perfectionist many times. I'm a people pleaser, it's my insecurities playing a part...Instead of just letting go, be comfortable and be me. Like I am usually.

What I'm trying to say is that I felt really at "home" hanging out with you all, I really think this plus size blogger community is so amazing and supportive, you just embrace everyone, there's a warm openness and it's like you've meet a hundred times before. I love it. I'm happy to be a part of it. *blessed*

Here are some dinner pics and group pics that I snapped from that night, enjoy! ;)
It's me, Tanya Jensen http://www.misscherrylipz.com, Rikke Klint http://www.stickysweetdanish.com, Kelly Brown http://www.MASQUEmag.com, Jessica Dee http://www.toomanysequins.com, Caitlin Bradley http://www.closet-confessions.com and Danielle Melnyczenko http://www.danimezza.com taking the gorgeous photo. :)

Thanks for a great night! You girls are all amazing!
Can't wait for Friday to come, well first of all it's my BIRTHDAY! woot woot! But also, the pop-up party for bloggers, AAAND the torrid event on Saturday. FFFweek here I come, I know I'm a little late and that I'm missing out on the first couple of days, I'm still hating myself for not buying the cruise tickets but...then when I was thinking about buying them waaaaaay back when they were released I didn't want to go by myself, and thinking about it now I'm hitting myself for being so childish, of course I could have gone by myself!!
I mean I would have met you all there anyway. Mingle mingle. I'm turning 25 years old for crying out load, I'm an adult! LOL. (saying I'm an adult makes me think of the lonely islands song "threw it on the ground! Hilarious!)



Gazel M. said…
Looks like you girls are having so much fun! x
Rikke said…
First of all: it was sooo much fun and I can't wait for tomorrow. Second of all: WTF for the crazy photo of me... I thought we'd agreed no-one was to know my true nature! :-P
Lol it's so funny when you see someone you know on a blog and you're like "HEY! I know them..." Kelly from Masque Mag ;-)
You ladies looked LOVELY! Seems like FFFWeek is a success from what i've been reading on social media!

Confessions Of A City Girl
Anonymous said…
Looks like you girlies had an awesome time! Liking your blog, I'm following it now ;)

Anonymous said…
Looks like you girlies had an awesome time! I'm liking your blog so I'm following it now ;)


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