FFFWeek SONSI Be-you-tiful pop-up party - THE VIEW

Some more photos from my FFFweek experience. These outfit pictures are from Fridays SONSI BE-YOU-tiful pop-up party, it was on the 14th floor and they had a seating area outside with an amazing view! This is as highest as I've ever been in NYC lol and I'm just embracing the view to the fullest. It's not everyday you get to see NYC this way. When you're in the city you're surrounded by high buildings, and you realize that you hardly ever actually look UP! When you do you all of a sudden feel really small. Like WOW! This city is massive!

So excited we got to snap some outfit photos out there. Thanks Kelly (masquemag.com) for the photos! *hearts*
Black Hi Lo dress from Forever21 Plus size, Cropped denim jacket from Ellos.se, Clear jelly flats from Steve Madden, Bag from shop in china town, DIY rings and DIY bracelets.
Have lots of fun updates still coming so stay tuned! ;)
One of them is showing off some new DIY bracelets and maybe even a DIY Tutorial of my signature ribbon and washers bracelets lol, I haven't seen it any where else. Maybe I'm on to something? :P also of course more pictures from "a Torrid affair" event.

Tomorrow I'll post the weekly summary of the passed weeks outfits from all the participates from the Big Fat Summer Challenge. So exciting putting it together, it took forever lol but it's always a pleasure! So be on the look out for that :)

Thanks for reading!


skiminastka said…
wow dress is amazing! I like it!:)
Eva said…
DIY tutorial, please! I saw your bracelets on Instagram before and they're amazing! My vacations just started and I'll probably have some spare time so I'll be recreating something similiar :)
You look amazing in that last photo! xx
Anonymous said…
these look even better on a screen, gorgeous!
Unknown said…
I love the way you put together casual chic. its like effortless for you! nice. I was suppose to make this event but couldnt :( but you look great!

Unknown said…
You are so pretty!
Kristel Knows said…
*blush* thank you! props to you! ;) <3
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks shay! :) omg, it would have been so cool to met up, i was actually thinking about you and if you were to go to any events for the FFFweek. We still need to hang out soon! ;) :D
Kristel Knows said…
thanks, so are you! ;)
Unknown said…
I absolutely love the dress,I have to buy it!
jho said…
You look perfectly pretty!!


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