FFFweek SONSI pop-up party - What's in the bag!?

I'm beat right now but I just wanted to show real quick what we got in out "Swag"-bags from SONSI at the BE-YOU-tiful pop-up party. This is my very first so called Swag-bag, love the name! And love all the things we got in the bag, I didn't even realize first that the're actually a bunch of goodies inside of it until a little later, so it was def. a pleasant surprise. 
I can't believe FFFweek is over already! This week flew by, no joke!! But at the same time, I'm tired as hell after all these early mornings, the lack of sleep is catching up to me, no good. I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow that's for sure. Who's with me?! :P
Oh my god, this FFFweek experience this year has been amazing!...AMAZING!
Event tho I didn't make it to many other events and shows, I still did more then last year AND met more beautiful plus size bloggers and peps, and made new wonderful friends. Priceless! 
I couldn't have asked for more...
True Neon
We all got name tags, Love how the event was called Be YOU-tiful. Good words!
The goodie inside, Sunglasses, scarf, lotion, Jewelry, and Leggings!! Love the drink glass I've always wanted one. 
It was a little bit of random kinds of stuff in different bags, like another color or pattern of the scarf, or another color of the sunglasses etc. really adore the nailpolish color, MY KIND OF SHADE :)
Love this, want this, have it!
More updates later, with outfit photos and photos from the TORRID event (it was awesome!!) lol and photos from Kelly's Cam. 
I'm so tired right now, had a couple of regrettable tequila shots earlier during my Bday bbq dinner and it's just making me feel...heavy....bloated...sloppy and super tired. I'm literally gonna HIT the bed right now. LOL. Stay tuned for tomorrows goodies.

Change your clothes
Change your mood
Change your life
From SONSI's little book of plus size facts that we got in the bag
Love you all!


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Cool goodies.


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