I made these Bracelets and rings!

This is an outfit post from the other week, I totally forgot about it. I wanted to post it to show off some of my DIY bracelets and rings ;) As you know I've recently gotten all crafty. Loving it! 
I made everything myself, even the rings. 
Some people have been asking if I'm planing on selling some of the accessories I've made and I'm seriously thinking about it, Why not? Would you be interested in buying?
First I thought WHO would want to buy MY bracelets? haha, but...there might be a few of you kindhearted people out there that would want to I guess :) I would be really grateful that's for sure, since I'm currently not working, not because I don't want too but because I can't at the moment. 
So your small donation in buying one of my bracelets would really help out. :)

So keep your eyes opened for my SHOP in the near future. There will be a few one of a kind pieces, washer bracelets and rings, all handmade with lots of love by me ;)
Thanks for reading!
Leo patterns top from Forever21 size L, Short from Forever21 plus size size 16, Flats from Steve Madden, DIY rings and Bracelets I made them all myself. :)



Anonymous said…
cute outfi
and jewelry
you should sell your jewely im sure ppl would buy it.

Danielle Carter said…
I would definitely buy and I was one of the ones that asked. I love bracelets and rings but sometimes its hard to find some that are cute and fit these chunky wrists and fingers of mine lol. So since I know they would be coming from another plus size women... I wouldn't have a problem with the fit and they're super cute!
Lourdes said…
Love your bracelets and rings...very original!!

socialitedreams said…
love your shirt, shoes, and bracelets :D
Ariana said…
That's a great idea Jen! You should totally do it :)
Loving your shirt.

As far as your bracelets, I say go for it! I was scared to do my eyewear line but i decided that I would release it. So DO IT!

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