A little collage

Just a little picture fest from the weeks that has passed...
Hasbrouck Hights street fair, Dim Sum Dynasti dinner date, Hooka night, Grand De Lux Cafe dinner and Karaoke night out at K-town, Palisades Center Mall. 

Time flies! and in 10 days I turn 25 years old. Gahd! I'm getting ooouuuuuld! :P
So exciting news updates about the Big Fat Summer Challenge, we have a few more paricipants. yay! Thanks for joining in on the fun!
From before:

Ja Ja Jules
Joined by:
Dear Curvy
Socialite Dreams
Piece of my mind
Thanks for joining girls! and like I wrote before you can whenever you feel like join the summer challenge as long as it is before the 31st of July and you've completed all of the "what to wear". :) Just be sure to let me know with a comment and blog address.


skiminastka said…
you look great:) ! shesha <3
Anonymous said…
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Spanish Kisses!!!!!!
Unknown said…
Fun times:-) Cute.
Nichole said…
Love this post, looks like such fun!

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