Hi everyone!
Big news!
I finally opened up my very own little shop of handmade accessories.

There you have the link to my shop over at, Hope you like what I have to offer at the moment. I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone here because I've been hugely doubting that anyone would want buy my accessories, but you guys (lovely followers and friends) have really supported me and pushed me towards doing this, and I'm so thankful for that. Because it has made me believe in myself more.

There's only one of each item available. There's more information about the items on the site. The prices vary from 6$ to 12$ and are based on material costs, labor time and weight. Shipping and handling are included in the price and you make your payment through Paypal when you "check out". 
This is like an experiment round, to see how it goes. :) I'm excited.

You can see the pictures below of the 5 items I have up for sale right now. Enjoy!
 Rainbow Necklace
 Signature Braided Washer Bracelet
 Braided Hex Nut Bracelet
 Hex Nut "V" Necklace
 Knotted Rope Hex Nut Bracelet
Thank you so much for reading and following, means the world to me. and I really hope you check out my shop at

Thank you!


Unknown said…
Congrats to you! You have some nice pieces. Very unique!

Stay beautiful!
Nique {}
Very creative and fun! congrats on opening your shop!
Style Agent 909 said…
Hi. Love the V shaped necklace made with metal nuts.
BTW, just joined your summer challenge.
Unknown said…
These are cute, I love the bracelets and that necklace is really cool.


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