Pics from "A Torrid Affair"

This Saturday I had the pleasure to attend the event "a Torrid Affair" in NYC. Invited by Jessica Kane I was thrilled to be able to go and check out Torrid's up and coming denim jeans "Stiletto" that will hit the stores in August. But a group of us got to try them out now and get our own pair sent to us, super excited! Because they were the BOMB! Everyone look amazing in them, and everybody's booty's looked juicy as hell I just wanted to smack them all.
(sawry, who doesn't like to smack a nice looking ass? lol I actually smacked one girls ass, that was a little awkward but I don't think she really paid attention to it, or she did. But yea...I smacked it and I couldn't stop

 I personally think it's the best skinny jean yet! It's cropped right by the ankles, super super skinny and super stretchy. Comfortable and sexy! Everybody loved them and I'm sure so will you!

I've always had a hard time finding the perfect pair of jeans, since I'm short and have short legs jeans are often too long on me and big around my knees or too tight around my hips and stomach. It's been a constant struggle and every once and a while you'll find a...somewhat decent pair that you can live with, haha, since I never found the perfect pair I resigned to wearing leggings (A LOT!) even leggings that look like jeans, I know it's sad. *shakes head* it's just not the real deal! But these super skinny new "Stiletto" jeans is like a blessing to the plus size girl's closet. It's a wardrobe essential that will fit you like a glove. LOVE IT!

Can't wait to do an OOTD with the "Stiletto" jeans. ;)
Kelly B ( snapping shots of Torrid's line of Denim jeans.
Mellisa from the and, Kelly and I, waiting in line to try on some Torrid jeans.
Wonderful Jessica Kane, Torrid's FFFweek fashion corespondent. Opening the event "A Torrid Affair".
I had the pleasure to meet in real. Psyched! and looking absolutely FAB!
I feel so bad, she were out of cards so I totally forgot her name, I'm so bad. She was mad cool tho, hope you comment so I can follow you! :) Kelly and Danielle
Lovely with friend.
Jessica and I, love this one. :)
Trying on Torrid's newest Stiletto jeans, love them! can't wait to get my pair in the mail. GORGEOUS Allie and I.
The Torrid team
Beautiful plus size model Samantha Morris and I. I adore her!
This event closed my FFFweek experience, and I must say I miss it already! I wish I would have attended more events, like the fashion shows and white cruise. I HAVE TO do it next year and I pray to god that FFFWeek will be held in NYC again 2013. :) I've had a blast and it's been amazing to met fellow fashion bloggers from all around the world and in the U.S. 
A special shout out to Kelliiiii, you're the greatest girl!
And thank you Torrid!

Right now I feel like chopping off my feet that are suffering about a gazillion mosquito bites that I can not stop scratching, and I'm gonna tryyyy to go to bed. lol. In bed, itchy mosquito bites, hot room...not a good combination. Wish me luck :P
Thanks for reading *hearts*



Unknown said…
Everybody looks like they had fun and the look great too!
skiminastka said…
I envy FFFweek :) cool photos!
Anonymous said…
ahhhh, too much fun! i love these shots :)
Stacy said…
love it!
Ticka said…
Great pics! It looks like so much fun!
Raijean said…
I so didn't get to meet you ;(
Anonymous said…
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