Plus size blogger dinner out

Just wanted to share this photo real quick taken by Danimezza
It's me, Tanya Jensen, Rikke Klint, Kelly Brown, Jessica Dee, Caitlin Bradley and Danielle Melnyczenko taking the gorgeous photo. :)

The FFFW (Full-Firgured-Fashion-Week) is upon us this week and to start it off we all got together for dinner at Chef Yu, a Chinese restaurant with excellent food might I add. Lettuce wraps YUM! It was SO SO SO nice to met all the girls, you all looked fabulous and you were all super sweet! I had a lot of fun! :) Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday for the blogger event.

Oh and as you can see the ombre attempt was a mayor fail haha, you can even tell in this photo that I dyed my hair TWICE the other day....TWICE! haha. Gahd. 
Oh well. Thanks ladies for a wonderful night!


Anonymous said…
i had so much fun, such a great way to kick off FFFWeek!!
Natalie Mulford said…
Guh! Everyone looks so amazing! I hope everyone is having a great time!!
skiminastka said…
beautiful girls :)
Bespoke Biddie said…
you guys are Hot!

Unknown said…
This sounds like so much fun, it must be so exciting going into NYC for dinner, I wish I lived close enough to NYC to do that. You look gorgeous and I'm sorry to hear that the ombre hear didn't stick, I tried putting pink streaks in my hair not too long ago and it did not take at all. All the ladies look so beautiful.

THANKS again for a lovely evening! ;-)
Nikol said…
You ladies look beautiful!!!
Nichole said…
This looks like such fun! Everyone looks amazing.

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