Purple Paisley

I remembered just a few years ago I was ANTI MAXI dress and skirts. I mean I liked them on others but not on myself, and I couldn't find any Maxi dresses or skirts I felt a 100% comfortable in. They were too tight, and tugging, and showing every lump. Today I have a HUGE selection of Maxi dresses, almost more maxi dresses then short dresses, no joke! :)
I find myself lounging around the house in Maxi dresses on an everyday basis instead of a top and leggings. 
So, I saw this dress at Walmart and checked it out for the longest time but never got it because I wanted to save my money, but on my Bday when I got my Vacation Paycheck I decided it was time to get that desired dress after all :D I love the purple and the blue together and the paisley pattern is something I adore! And the fit is so comfortable!
Also had purple colored nails and toe nails so, it was a perfect match :P also together with the purple shade "Up the Amp" from MAC lipsticks.

Went to a Brooklyn flea market today with Eunice and her friend Jackie, it was so HOOOT outside! It was 107 Degrees at one point and our feet were burning. Ha-ha. :D But the flea market was nice, a little too expensive for my taste and I saw a lot of accessories that I can make myself instead of buy there for like 25 bucks :P But I did score a few chic and affordable pieces, all accessories :) rings, bracelet and a pair earrings, adore my little haul. :D

Beach tomorrow, SO EXCITED! Going to take my "two piece bikini" shots for the BFSChallenge.

Thanks for reading and following, love you all! *hearts*
Dress from Walmart size XL, Sandals from Forever21, Hex Nut bracelet made by me, Thin gold bracelet from Brooklyn Flea market, Thin golden rings from Flea market, Gold stone ring from Flea market, Earrings from Flea market.


Looks way more comfy than the maxi's give tried to give ago. i do have a black one that i love from H&M though.
Ticka said…
Cute dress! I love maxis! They are so comfy & the styles are endless.
Deejay Speaks said…
lovely dress and comfy to winning combo
Kim said…
I love it... I also saw your gold/white hex bracelet immediately and went "oooh! I want that!" Very awesome!
Kim said…
I love it... I also saw your gold/white hex bracelet immediately and went "oooh! I want that!" Very awesome!
Anonymous said…
this is a cute dress

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