The passed weeks in pictures

Heavy picture post, pictures that didn't make the blog before. From the days before FFFweek until a few days after. Putting all these pictures together took...forever, lol believe it or not. So I'm gonna hit the bed right now because I'm exhausted. I'll write more later I promise. ;)
DSW heaven and NYC Skyline before entering Lincoln Tunnel.
Bryant Park and awesome Kelly from
All Cameras on the table lol we're such bloggers. And group photo of all the girls. Rikke, love your funny faces!
Finally I succeed putting fake lashes on!! Loved them. and a jumping picture showing of my jiggly thighs ;)
Swedish Fish Candy for sale at Walmart, proud Swede lol. and a shot from the SONSI blogger event.
Great view in the City
Love this capture of Kelly, and Kelly together with Monique from Curves and Chaos.
SWAG BAG goodies.
Waiting for the bus to the City and rack of Torrid Denim jeans from A Torrid Affair event
"What you looking at?"
Closet Confessions and Kelly eating all the Wasabi Nuts. lol
Aw Looooooooooo, and 9/11 memorial just down the street from our house. Surreal.
My attempt on outdoor chandler, pretty happy with it :) for my Bday BBQ dinner, and an OOTD outside of Target the other day.

Thanks for reading, XOXO


Anonymous said…
these. pics. are. effing. awesome. please. send. them. to. me. THANKS! lol
Rikke said…
OMG. My funny faces. I die. LOL! Had a blast!!!

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