2 year flash back

This is a dress that I adore, it's from Forever21 FAITH (former name of the plus size line at F21, now just...forever21 Plus size.) Bought it 2 years ago, in the Summer of 2010, the summer I came to the U.S. on vacation and stayed for as long as 2 months. It was a great summer, I loved it, it was after that summer that me and Jason started planning my move to the U.S. to live together here instead of Sweden. And two years later, I'm here :D

I love the colorful-ness of this dress, it really pops! 
BTW, do you guys miss the old name for Forever21's plus size line?
I think Faith was kind of cute actually and I sort of miss it, but I understand that a lot of the customers were confused over the name and the clothes being plus size...I guess. I like Faith, well, I'm glad I still own a few old plus size pieces from Forever21 "faith". This dress is one of them.

I can really tell by the pics next to each other, that I've grown and I look more mature. :P Jeez. I'm getting a little panic-y about just getting older and older...There I was 23 which is COOL, now I'm 25. EEEK :P haha.

Thanks for reading and following! *mwah*
Dress from Forever21 Faith Plus size size 1X, Various rings, Hex Nut braided Bracelet, Thin golden bracelet from Flea market, Black beaded gifted bracelet.

Oh I forgot :) I dyed my hair. Lighter at the bottom, trying the "ombre" look, but it's far from done. :P I love a lighter brown colored hair during nice summer days, so...it felt really right to go a little lighter this summer.  

Now I'm going to check out all Big Fat Summer Challenge blogs and take a look at your summer outfits to add to the weekly summary tomorrow.
So Stay tuned ;)


Malene said…
Ah yeah, the getting older part. :P I'm turning 23 this summer and I guess I'm having some sort of... well... Not halfway crisis, but maybe an "half-half-way crisis" ;)

Anyway! The dress is lovely!
Unknown said…
I remember when it was called Faith 21, I wonder why they changed the name? This is a cute dress and it is amazing how fast time goes by isn't it?

Tineey said…
I know the feeling! You are just becoming the awesome woman you are :)

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