BFSC Wear a cropped top

Met up with Kelly B from MasqueMag a few days ago in the city to check out MYNT 1792 Showroom, which was amazing FYI :P. More on that later...
...and of course we had to snap some outfit pictures at Bryant Park.
I wasn't sure if I was going to check off "wear a cropped top" or "wear something high waisted" So I decided to combine it and decide later, so I decided to go with cropped top, because I scored a really nice sheer high waisted maxi skirt in a really nice aqua color that I'm going to wear later as "something high waisted". :) Excited, it's the first piece I've ever bought at a Kmart and it was only 10$. Even the girl at the register asked where I got it and wanted one for herself as well. SCORE!
Never in my life have I worn a cropped top like this, I mean I did when I was a kid I'm pretty sure but even then I was uncomfortable about showing off my tummy. I think I was around 13 years old and was a part of a dance performance at a Philippines association event. I was wearing a cropped top with a pair of mid-waist denim shorts and canvas boots, dancing a routine to the old school song Macarena. Ha-ha! I was already body conscious at that young age, I was not fat or overweight at that time or anything I was robust. Bigger compared to all the other girls. My mom is really short and petite and my dad is tall and big so, I became short and big. :P
I don't mention it very often but I am Half Filipina, I should recognize my other half more often because I mostly think of myself as a Swedish girl, however I don't look stereotypical Swedish even though I behave very much as a Swedish person. For example a bit Reserved and always polite.
I AM very proud of my Filipino roots.
My mom and my sister are there right now, and I wish I could have been with them, I miss the Philippines and it would be so nice to see my relatives again. 
Cropped top from Forever21 size L, Hi Lo skirt from Forever21 size L, various rings, and various DIY bracelets, Flats from Steve Madden.

Thanks for reading and following.


Deejay Speaks said…
you look absolutely fabulous
Taylor Brione said…
You look great! Way to rock that top!

Taylor Brione
Natalie Mulford said…
You look amazing!! <3
Ontheqtrain said…
You are rocking this look and I love that skirt!
Ticka said…
Love that crop and the high-low skirt! Nice entry!
Anonymous said…
always a pleasure to shoot you, lady. so pretty! and HIGH FIVE on the filipina mention!
Unknown said…
Cute! You look great as always!

Nique {}
Candyce Nicole said…
Wow, you look so great!

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