BFSC Wear something strapless - Final entry

So the Big Fat Summer Challenge is coming to its end by the end of today. WOW I can't believe it's the 31st of July already and it's been about 2 months since I started the Challenge. Time really flies! I wish it wasn't over, I have enjoyed every single one of your summer outfits, ALL OF Y'ALLS! :P And it's been really nice and excited to have seen your fashion and style journey through it all. The challenges you've conquered, the new looks you've tried out etc. All of you have really rocked it, and I want to thank everyone that's joined for participating with me in this BFSC! Thank you!
So all you fabulous ladies that are participating and just have a one or a couple of challenge outfits left, it is not too late. You can still make the post the remaining time of today, and I will do the regular weekly summary tomorrow. Followed by ALL THE OUTFITS of the participants that completed the BFSC with voting information :D I'm SO EXCITED!
The winner will receive a $50 gift card at their own choice of online store.
(Just make sure I can purchase it through Paypal or international debit card if you want it to be online) 
I can't wait to see the finalists and how the readers vote!

So for my final entry to the BFSC I'm checking "Wear something strapless" off the list.
I personally don't like strapless because I feel that I look so broad over the shoulders, I think it's just personal insecurities still lingering that makes me not feel a 100% comfortable being all bare on top lol. :P But I'm getting more and more used to the look, which I like because bare shoulder are hot ;) and during summers this look is perfect for un-wanted strappy tan lines ;)

First time, So easy! She's made a great video tutorial on how to make it happen ;), and it worked great with my hair too, so I highly recommend to check the video out if you want to try it out as well! I better play with my long hair now before it's to late.........*hint hint* Yeah.....CHOP CHOP, soon. ;) You know?...So I'm definitely going to rock this milkmaid look again.
Tube top from HM size L, Leggings from SWAK one size, Shoe lace wedges from G by Guess, Various rings, Earring from JcPenny, Bracelets from HM.

Thanks for reading, and remember! WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT! ;)
Until next time...

Ps. Real quick this is what's coming up.

1. Tomorrow Weekly Summary
2. Followed by Finalist participants and voting polls.
3. On Saturday we're having our Big Fat Summer Challenge SHOWCASE in NYC. So you'll be seeing those fabulous photos later on, on all our blogs that are taking part in the Showcase. So excited! Stay tuned.
4. Voting will last for a week, and the winner will be announced shortly after that! :D


Carmesha said…
I love the milkmaid braid! Thanks for creating the challenge. It has been soooo much FUN! and I've found so many new blogs to follow :)
Tavia Mac said…
Jennifer, you look just fine in strapless. I love that top! Can I have it?!? Lol. The milkmaid braid is too cute. Girl, thanks again for this was so much fun!!!

Amanda K said…
Really loved seeing the results of your BFSC. I regret not joining in. Hopefully you'll consider doing it again next year. :)

Excited for the post tomorrow!

Anonymous said…
YESSSSS the braids look SO nice on you, girl!! Thanks for the link :) <3

PS: I want those shoes. I can't wait to go shopping on Monday - mall, here we come! lol
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for the challenge and I didn't think I would complete the challenge but I decided to embrace my curves and I am excited to see the outcome!!! You wear strapless really well!!! Love the braid in your hair!!!

Yay to the BFSC participants and myself!!!!
Miss Dre said…
Kudos to all of the participants! I didn't finish, but I had fun taking part of it all! You look great in your strapless look and I love your recreation of Kelly's milkbraid ;-)

Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us!
Anonymous said…
I loved it all, I'd been following you for a while and I must say you are really one of my fav!
you look beautiful! as always
Unknown said…
Btw...I did complete all ten looks!!! Yay!!!!
Malene said…
You look good! And once again I'm so jealous of your long hair.

And thank you once again for the challenge and for spending your time every week with all the summaries.
WOW I love this look amazing and I love the braids!!! Thanks for creating this challenge..I had a great time completing the challenges!!
Crystal said…
Jennifer, you look great in strapless and I love how you chose to showcase your strapless entry with that top! It's pretty. I love your hair like shouldn't cut it, but of course it is your hair. LOL How much do you plan to cut? Your blog is the first one I visit when I log on to's one of my absolute favorites!
You look beautiful. can't wait to see all the finalist :)
Unknown said…
Du passar ju jättefint i strapless. Jag kände som du får några år sedan, men det är faktiskt ganska skönt och fint :D
Ska bli kul att se vem som vinner :)
Söt fläta =D
Tack för att du delat med dig av min länk till kappahltävlingen, jättegulligt av dig <3
Chichi O said…
did i miss the post about the showcase when and where,uve got gorgeous hair dont cut it maybe layer it instead
Kristel Knows said…
aw thanks you guys! u guys are so sweet! <3

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