BFSC Wear a two piece bikini

So here we go, wearing the "dreaded" two piece bikini :P. "The Fat-kini". As the fabulous fat female as I am, lol I will not be defeated by the Two piece bikini, I will wear it at the beach if I want to, I don't care what people have to say, I don't care what people are going to think, I DON'T CARE!
I don't know you and you don't know me, so...really there's nothing standing in my way of showing more skin on the beach then myself and my insecurities.
When I was younger, a teenager...etc... I was very body conscious. I like to tan during the summer and tan when being on the beach, I like to get a nice summer glow. And I would like to tan my tummy too lol but, to wear a two piece bikini was hard for me, because I would always be worried about what others would think about how I looked in a bikini, which is stupid I realized later. Why do I care what others think about me that I don't even know and will probably NEVER met or see again. That is how I overcame my bikini insecurities.
So of course I'm not going to wear ANY bikini, I lean towards comfortable and flattering bikini's that fit my body type. Like...I would never go for a triangle bikini top because my boobs are too big it looks HORRIBLE, no support, no coverage, lol. And I wouldn't wear a string bikini bottom either, nor a Brazilian cut. It's just not flattering around my hips and tummy area. 
I need full coverage or high waisted.You just have to experiment yourself and see what kind of 
bikini that you feel flatters your curves and makes you feel a 110% comfortable. :)
It's all individual.
I decided to wear my favorite high waisted bikini bottom together with a new bikini top from Target, I scored it on SALE. 
I instantly fell in love with the colors and pattern and the fit, I like the cropped style and the straps could be taken off 
as well and that is always a plus if you don't want to get tan lines.
Wear a two piece bikini, CHECK! ;)
Top from Target, Bottom from Monki, bracelet DIY gifted, various rings.
Thanks for reading and following,
XOXO *hearts*

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Malene said…
I loooove that top!
You look great and all the pictures are so pretty!
KellyMonroe said…
I love that print on the top of your bikini!
Taylor Brione said…
Whoo! Sexy! You go girl! :)
Taylor Brione
Candyce Nicole said…
Gorgeous!!! Love that bikini top!

I'll be starting the challenge this week...can't wait, but I'm so nervous too lol
Unknown said…
Yes!!!! I adore that bikini top and you look nervous for this part of the challenge!!!!!
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks hun! <3 No don't be :D I'm sure you will look radiantly beautiful! ;)
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you! <3
You will DO GREAT! :D cant wait to see what youll be wearing, xo
Kristel Knows said…
thank you sweety! :D xo
Carmesha said…
I love that bikini top!!
Anonymous said…
looooove that top, get it girl!
Tavia Mac said…
You look fabulous in your bikini and the top is awesome!


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