BFSC Weekly Summary 4

Hi Everyone!
So here is the weekly summary (week 4) for you all! Enjoy!
As usually I've really enjoyed putting this post together, it is always so nice and inspiring to see all your summer outfits. As well as read about how you're challenging yourself and experimenting with your wardrobes. Amazing! You are all fabulous and all so brave for showing off more skin, and bright colors and rocking those summer trends your own way. Love it!
As you can see there are a few new faces in the challenge this week, welcome ya'll! :)
The more the merrier, that's what I think.
You can check out all these ladies blogs under the tab "BFSC" on the top right of the blog, all their links are listed there. Also there are a few that have joined but yet not stated any of their outfits as a "big fat summer challenge" outfit, I just want to send out a little reminder to always state that it is an outfit for the summer challenge, just to make my job easier when I look around all your blogs and save your pictures for the weekly summary every week. :) Also a reminder to those who joined but haven't posted any outfits yet, July is here and there's less than a month less to complete the challenge, so...just a little shout out reminder to those peeps. :) 

Can't wait to see what you all will be wearing for this week! 
So exciting to see!
Also don't forget that there's a prize at the end for one lucky winner. 
(I'm sure it will be a gift card with a good amount of money on to do some shopping)
I've been thinking about putting together a secret jury or make a voting poll for all readers to vote. What do you all think is the best idea to choose the winner? ;)

Thanks for reading and following, love you all!
And thanks for all the lovely blogs that are participating, you are all doing an amazing job. Love all your summer inspired outfits.



Malene said…
And once again; thanks to you, for you're great work with this challenge and the summaries!
skiminastka said…
amazing grils !:)
Taylor Brione said…
I've been realizing that I put my hand on my hip in almost every picture I take! lol
yes!! So nice to see them all together! I've been seeing this challenge all over! Get looks!
Ontheqtrain said…
Everyone looks great :)

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