BFSC Weekly summary 6

With about 2 weeks left to the end of the Big Fat Summer Challenge here comes the weekly summary part 6. :)
As always it's a pleasure to put these posts together, you all look fabulous and I'm really inspired by your summery outfits! And hope you all are too! I'm totally in love with all the bright colors and stylish prints and can't wait to see more of your challenge outfits this week. I know it's not much time left but I really hope you all that are participating find time to complete all the outfits before the deadline! 
Don't forget that if you don't complete you will not be in the running to be able to win a fabulous $50 gift card to your choice of clothing store! So lets push ourselves to the finish line and have fun with it! :D
I've gotten the feeling that many are worried they won't have time to complete all the outfits, so here are some tips that might help you guys out.
*You can do a challenge outfit rocking 2 challenge styles, for example wear a Hi Lo Skirt with a strapless top etc.
*Don't have a photographer? The self-timer option is your best friend.
*Don't have a tripod? Improvise and "build" your own or find somewhere to place your camera, I used to do that all the time, Use steps, a table, a chair etc.
*Running late? Bring your camera with you and maybe sometime during the day you can have someone snap your photos.

Hope you all enjoy this weeks "Weekly Summary part 6" of the Big fat summer challenge! :)

Thanks for reading and following!


everyone looks GREAT!!! i'm back on it this week ;-)

Malene said…
I loooove this challenge - and I can't tell you enough, Jennifer, that you're doing such a GREAT job with hosting it and these summaries.

Can't wait to get back from Barcelona and check the new outfits out!
Ticka said…
Great summary!!

I was out of the loop this week, but I have two weeks to get my short-shorts and my bikini in. I'm so nervous, but I guess I need to get it over with. lol
KellyMonroe said…
Whoop Whoop I got 4 more to do! I already got them lined up in my head lol! Great challenge Jennifer!
Anonymous said…
i promise this week i will do some lol everyone looks nice
Taylor Brione said…
Everyone looks great!! Forever Fab in Bows is really working her swimsuit!! Love it!

Taylor Brione
ari said…
Everyone looks so cute! Nice to see ladies stepping out of the comfort zone :)
Miss Dre said…
I love this!!! Everyone looks so fabulous! This has been such a fun challenge, Jennifer. Thank you so much for hosting it =)
Kristel Knows said…
thanks for the comments, you all look gorgeous! cant wait to see what you'll be wearing next!! :D
Unknown said…
This BFSC is the bomb!!! Lets hope I am on it next week with some more...

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