BFSC Weekly Summary 7

Hello all!
As usual here is your weekly wrap up of this past week Big Fat Summer Challenge outfits from our participants. :D yay! It's already week 7 and about 10 days left of the challenge! Omg, time flies and you guys better complete in time to be able to be in the running to win a 50$ gift card!!! 
If you complete you will be up for voting by all my readers and followers and the person with the most votes is the winner!! Woot woot! I just can't choose a winner myself, it's too hard, and you all are doing such a great job challenging yourself and rocking all
your fashions. This week we get to see a few new faces, welcome girls!
And many are rocking the Maxi skirts/dresses as well as also challenging themselves wearing something 
they normally wouldn't wear this week. enjoy!
Just letting you all know since the challenge is soon coming to its end, I have updated the participants list and taken off blog links to those that joined a long time ago and hasn't posted any Challenge outfits, this only because to clean up the list and make my job easier going through
all your sites and following up on your entries. It saves me time, and it if you want to re-enter and give it another go just let me know in a comment and I'll get you back on the list. :)
Thanks to all the participants this week for showing off their great and inspiring styles

I personally love Cherglam for rocking LEO pattern leggings, and Naturally fashionable for looking gorgeous two piece, wow! You go girl! But I love all your outfits, they are truly inspiring.
Can't wait to see what you all will be wearing this coming week. So excited!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! 


Justme_Kellie said…
These are some really cute looks! I especially love the leopard and pink hi lo look...she did a great job!
Nice challenge!
ari said…
Everyone looks fab! :)
Style Agent 909 said…
Love all the looks and Jennifer, your 22 piece is too cute!
LA Lynn's said…
Although, I feel off the challenge... I'm enjoying seeing the other ladies!!!! GREAT LOOKS and a few new blogs to follow! Thanks for sharing...

Ciaa said…
All the ladies look fab !
Anonymous said…
so you're just not gonna include me?! lol!

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