Brooklyn Flea Market

So this weekend I had the pleasure to tag along with my friend Eunice and her friend Jackie to Brookly NY, to go to a flea market close to Lafayette. I love love love flea markets! I love vintage stuff, clothes and unique things. So I was all over that trip, I was excited! :P
It was burning hot that day, it reached 107 degrees at one point that day and my skin was really burning. Crazy! So it didn't take that long before I was beginning to get dehydrated.
However I really enjoyed the flea market, even though most of the prices were a little too pricey for me, I mean sunglasses for 20$?? eh...Noooooo.... It's a flea market, not...I don't know...a fashion brand store. :P
There was a lot of beautiful vintage jewelry, other accessories and clothes. As well as interior decor and furniture. Adored it. I scored a few pieces of jewelry that was worth the money :D 

Being at this flea market however made me think about my brother so much! He would have loved it, loved it more than me! He's all about vintage, second hand and unique styles. So...I kept thinking "Oh, he would love that!" "Oh he would so buy that!" and I'm like "I wish I could take him here" and then I realize that he's not going to be able to come to the U.S. For a long time. And it saddens me...A LOT! :( I can't share my experience with him in person here in this country for maybe more than 5 years. Thinking about it really makes me want to cry. I miss my brother so much!
Tube dress from Dots, Backpack from BAGGU, Sandals from Target, Bracelet gifted from my brother and sister.

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skiminastka said…
I love flea market :)
Malene said…
I love that dress, you look fantastic!

And I'm sorry about your brother. I know how it feels to miss someone really bad - but still; My sister lives only two hours away and we see eachother once a month, almost. I can't even try to imagine how it feels to be so far away from someone you miss.
Hugs. <3
Alela Sirah said…
I absolutely love flea markets!!! You look really cute too in your mini!!
Amarachi said…
OMG!!! The left and right flats are beautiful! I need them in my life!!!!!.

You look great Jenifer!
Alina Rodriguez said…
Love your dress, Hun! That Flea Market carried loads of interesting stuff! :)
Unknown said…
cute dress. you were in my neighborhood :) You're so right about the heat
Divamazon said…
Love your little dress! I'm about 15 minutes from there (not to mention that's my old high school) and I STILL haven't made it there (SHAME!). :) I hear wonderful things about it though.

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