DIY Dip dye Bleached jeans

Remember these jeans? From Forever21 that I wore earlier that I had "studded", well I decided to dip dye them too, lol. :P These are the jeans that go for 13$ something, which is a really nice price for a pair of jeans that you want to play around with. 
However, if you want to do this, dip dye them in bleach here is a warning! Compared to the other times I've been bleaching the bleach itself never stung my eyes, or smelled bad. But when I bleached these jeans!!!! Let me tell you, it turned the bleach yellow, it smelled really bad and being close, even by a little bit, stung my eyes, so I had to go all Matrix with handling the dip dyeing. It even bubbled, crazy. So be careful. 
I think the quality of these jeans didn't really match well with the bleach, but it turned out pretty good anyway, color wise. Eventually they turned white and light blue so. I'm happy with it. :)

This is what I wore to the mall the other day, I had my mother in-law take my pictures, thank you! I hardly ever get Jason to take my pictures, he sucks at it and he hates it too. LOL. All you other girls that get your husband/boyfriend take your pictures, I'm jealous! You guys are lucky! ;)

Can't believe it's Sunday tomorrow...time flies!
Remember to post your BFSC outfits tomorrow so that I can include them in the weekly summary on Monday, so excited to see what you all will be rocking! :D
Hi Lo Top from Forever21 size L, Jeans from Forever21 plus size size 16 - bleached and studded DIY, Various Bracelets gifted, Necklace from HM, Bag from China town, flats from Steve Madden.


Olivia Noel said…
I love the top and your necklace! <3
Ontheqtrain said…
I love the jeans and your high bun =)
Anonymous said…
I love these DIY posts!
Come check out my blog at:
Malene said…
Wow, that bleaching project sounds scary. Would've love to see you "all matrix"-though. :P

I love how the jeans turned out. And I'm so jealous of your hair - I want to be able to do a bun too!
Ticka said…
Cute! Love your DIY projects. They always turn out so well!

My hubby has never taken my blog pics. I haven't even asked him too. My daughter is my photographer and she loves it for the most part (unless it's cold outside, lol)
Unknown said…
Amazing !!
Greets from Berlin
JazmineKariss said…
Your look great and the jeans turned out awesome! I laughed so much at your boyfriend not wanting to take pictures! Silly boys!
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks for all the lovely comments!! <3 Kariss, I know right?! Silly boys!
Unknown said…
You did an excellent job Jennifer. Thin denims can be challenging, toss in the bleached impact and you have a ladies most severe headache. If you want to wear this periods most popular pattern then study on. Like some bleached jeans

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