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If I have to chose one accessory that I like to wear the most it must be earrings. I've always loved earrings, and I can always wear earrings. It's only during later years that I've grown a liking towards bracelets and necklaces. My mom hand me and my little sister's ears pierced at a young age. I think I was 6 years old, and I felt super cool :)
I stopped at only having my ears pierced one on one side and two on the other. But I've always thought about doing more...bust stopped myself because I didn't like the earrings that were out at that time, none that fit my style of liking.
However today, there's a huge selection of various earrings and cartilage earrings that fit every style.

And I'm considering getting my ears pierced again, especially after seeing these inspirational pictures from Pinterest, so I made an "Earring inspiration"-board.
I like the simple little blings, I adore them! Or a nice little simple silver star stud earring would be nice, the beaded rings are also cool!
As always, I always have a hard time to decide if I should go through with it or not. Mostly because I'm a little wimp lol. But it does look nice, I like the look. So I'm asking you all...
And which style do you like the best of cartilage earrings?

Thanks for reading and following *mwah*


Unknown said…
I definitely say YAY, I'm the same way, I love earrings and I feel really naked if I'm not wearing a pair. I tried getting a second piercing about a year ago and the hole ended up closing up because I'm responsible haha. I love the different piercings though, especially the cuff and the tiny one near the uh... wow, I don't know my piercings... the one tiny one (so helpful huh? lol).

Kim said…
Yay because I like the style but nay because I had mine done about 11 years ago and it still hurts. I haven't worn any jewelry in it for about 8 years but if I hit it or catch where it was with my hairbrush, it takes everything in me not cry. Seriously. Either I'm the biggest baby ever or the person that did mine didn't know what they were doing and hit a nerve or something. Eep!
Kristel Knows said…
Omg Kim, I'm so sorry to hear that :( that's what I'm afraid of! that it will hurt as hell and then who knows hit a nerve or something and hurt forever. omg, i love the style but....yeah....thanks for commenting, and btw I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR PAGE <3 thanks for sharing my pictures *blush*
Miss Dre said…
I say YAY! I love the first pic and it really makes me wanna get more ear piercings. I have three on each ear, including the cartilage and two at the bottom lobe.

I've been wanting the rook piercing for a while, but I'm a little scared :(

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