Full figured wishes

Just because I'm on a temporary shopping ban doesn't mean I can't window shop at the Forever21 Plus size and Fashion to Figure. :P even though it's like...torture, I can't stop I just love these pieces so much! I've been shopping at Forever21 lately like there's no tomorrow, I've been finding all these cute Hi Lo tops, skirt and studded clutch + nail polishes that I just couldn't turn my back on ;) Plus they have now expanded the Foreve21 at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus NJ!! It's huge now, and looks really really nice and sorted, with more shoes and bags to offer. 
I just always happen to get to the mall like 1-2 hours before they close and never have time to like..."take my time" before the shout out through the speakers that they close in 10 min. And I get all frazzled feeling stressed because I haven't gone through the whole store yet and might have missed something. LOL. I'm such a Shopaholic, I need to start working SOON! :P
Time flies at the mall.
Mini tube top $6, Cuffed Denim Shorts $16.99, Silouette Peplum top $30, Milenium sheath dress $44.
Again, today me and Jay went to the mall about 1-2 hours before they closed. We decided to take a little longer trip down south on the New Jersey Turnpike and visit the Jersey Garden mall, LOVE IT! It's been a while since I was there, and I never realized they had a Fashion to Figure store there, so excited I ran in and started picking out a million things I wanted to try :D I loved so many things, and of course I only have like 15 min to try on these pieces, I hate myself. :P I had to run and met up Jay and didn't even have time to try on all the clothes and I couldn't decide what to buy, so I ended up getting nothing for now but.... I definitely have to go back soon with lots of time to spare so that I can go through the store thoroughly :P because like I said there were so many nice pieces in there. Above I picked out a few pieces from the website that I adore. :)

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading *hearts*


Unknown said…
Time does really fly at the mall and I always do that too, I always get to stores right before they're closing so I can't take my time and I get all nervous thinking "BUT I MISSED CUTE STUFF!". My boyfriend has also put me on shopping bans here and there because I love shopping, shopaholics unite! I've heard New Jersey has some amazing malls too.

I think my favorites are the poncho and the last black dress.

Nichole said…
Those tops and dresses are too amazing! They're all great!

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