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Every once and a while I'll visit the Swedish HM online web store and window shop. When I was living back in Sweden I was a regular customer at HM, I love HM! I think 75% of my gigantic wardrobe back home is from HM. HM is Swedish too, so being here in the U.S. HM is my pride of joy, HM allows me to be a little patriotic HA-HA! :P So I'll browse around the site, reminiscing of my online shopping days in Sweden.
So I saw HM+ released a few more pieces, about time! It's been really empty lately with only like 5 pieces. HM is good with the basics! Simple styles and looks, but still fashionable, that you can accessorize the crap out of. :)
So I thought I would share my favorite looks and pieces.

Also, Tara Lynn.................. Can she be any more gorgeous?!
I adore the black sheer polka dot top, the blazers and the sheer button down sleeveless tops. The bright green is perfect! They have also added more bottoms and jeans, man, I can't wait for HM to open their online store! OR! Bring HM+ to New Jersey.

Thanks for reading and following!! :)


Danielle Carter said…
I LOVE all the polka dots and those green skinnies!

I really wish they would make it to where we could order online because we don't have an H&M where I live.
Unknown said…
that poke dot dress/shirt whatever it is i want it.
Karina said…
Tara Lynn looks gorgeous as always! But I must say I am always a bit underwhelmed by the HM+ collection. There is only a few pieces, hardly ebough to call it a collection and the fit is often REALLY small.

And I don't think they are as adventurous as they could be with the designs. Wehn you think of the thousands of great designs they do for the straight size HM lines each year, I think they really sell the plus line short. I mean, ponchos and pussy bow shirts, we have seen that already! And ALWAYS dark "safe" colours. Please step it up a bit! Like Asos Curve that really succeseeds in making affordable, edgy plus size clothes.

This fall line has though a few pieces that I would like to have a closer look at, like the sheer polkadot top (I believe it is a top, I think I saw it earlier this week in my HM) and the coated jeans, I am a sucker for coated jeans ;-)

Gazel M. said…
I really love the peter pan collar top and the polkadot button up shirt!
It must be kind of difficult or at least make you sad that you can't shop at H&M like you did in Sweden, haha, or maybe it is a blessing because you spend less? Hmm, I dunno! :P
Unknown said…
I love the Polkodot shirt and the emerald green sheer shirt!! I love your blog by the way all the way from London!x
Unknown said…
Love all the pieces in this collection!!! Bomb!!!
LaniJerz said…
They have the HM+ line in the Livingston Mall! Small selection, but it's actually bigger than the selection in the Herald Square NYC one!

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