New accessories, made with love!

Hi All! :)
Just wanted to post some pictures of some new accessories available in my accessory shop.
I decided to wait to post new items until I had a few gathered up for a big update. BOOM! I love these necklaces, they are so chic! Time consuming but lovely. Ha-ha! :D
Hope you like, only ONE of each item available, so act fast if you want it ;) made with love, by me to you!

You can visit my shop by clicking the link:

Jasiferlionsclub THE SHOP

Get your Jasiferlionsclub accessories now ;)
Thank you so much for your support, it's well needed and I really appreciate it!

Love you all!


Marian said…
Just bought the pretty necklace! xx
Crystal said…
Really beautiful pieces...I'm not a big accessories girl, but I love earrings (mainly hoops) and love bracelets. Will check out your shop.
Crystal said…
Oh and I really love the ring/bracelet combo!
Malene said…
That must be the worst part about being away for vacation. The piece you really fall in love with is sold before you get to see it. ;)

Beautiful things!

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