Hi Everyone!
So I've been thinking...Coming to America, there's a lot of things that are different from my home country Sweden. I'm born and raised in Sweden, but I might not look like your typical "Swede" and that is because my mother is from the Philippines, so I'm half/half. 

I moved to the U.S. For many reasons, well number one is to be with my Husband! I can't imagine a life without him. But really we could have just lived in Sweden instead, my husband loves, LOVES Sweden, when me on the other hand was like "meeeh". Since I'm born and raised in Sweden, been living in the same house my whole life, in the same town, been at the same job for a long time, getting older and older, I wanted to escape!

I wanted to explore, and experience a new culture and country. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, travel and be set for new challenges. To grow and mature as a young woman.
I'm very happy I took this huge step, I'm so excited to live here and to be with the love of my life.

What is typical Sweden? Above I've made a little collage of what I feel is Sweden to me, there's so many things that I feel represent Sweden but above are a few of them. For example and IKEA chair, Absolut Vodka, A so called "Smörgås bord" (Sandwich "cake") Herring, and Swedish meatballs, very typical Swedish things. :P
 When moving here I was so happy to leave Sweden, boring old Sweden :P but now having been away from Sweden for a little while I've grown a new found love and appreciation for my country which I really really love and enjoy.  For once I can feel a bit patriotic, which doesn't hurt every once in a while, I never ever felt that patriotic before, like AT ALL. But it's cool, I can brag about how HM and IKEA is Sweden :P ha-ha! I can't do that in Sweden...I can feel proud of being Swedish. More than ever.

So what I'm trying to get at here is that I'm going to start a little segment called USA vs SWEDEN :P
To give my personal take on everyday and any day difference, from both parts. There's a few things that I wish we had in Sweden that you guys have here. Etc. I think it will be a fun segment to do on a regular basis. I've been thinking about this for a long time, so I'm really excited about getting it started. :D

But first of all I want to ask you all Americans.

What is typical or represents your country in your opinion?

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Anonymous said…
It was a excitement locating your site yesterday. I came here right hoping to learn something new. And I was not dissatisfied. Your well thought out ideas for new events like this. Thank you for this idea and sharing your knowledge.
katty said…
I am looking forward to reading the series. I am South American and my love is in the USA, 6k miles away. May consider moving at some point. Your views as an immigrant will be so welcome!
Unknown said…
I love this post! It's very I opening , traveling is something I have to do .. It introduces you to new cultures and gives you a new love for your country .
P.S thanks the comment on my shirt .. I found it at the thrift store and cut it myself :)
XO Tatianna

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