Vblog - Shopping haul

Oh my god, I can't believe I'm posting a video right now! Eek! :P
I just want to throw out a bunch of self criticisms at me, ha-ha, and excuses. BUT! I'm not going to do that because I think this portrait me well, but still I do weird.... Things...Oh whatever ;) take it or leave it :P
HOWEVER! I will say, damn! I did not know my voice was that deep! As well as my accent.

Oh well, I really wanted to show off my latest shopping bargains. I feel like a happy and excited kid at Christmas over all my new shoes I've bought. I love shoes! My heart melts when I see nice shoes. So I just wanted to share my "little" haul with you all.
This video is long, sorry about that, but I'm not fortunate to have the awesome program iMovie, so I just went ahead and made the video in one shot. :) (god, I want a Mac computer.)

Thanks for watching and reading, AND following.
Love you all!


Sian said…
Love the video, you're so cute :D I love everything! I'm obsessed with crosses too at the moment! xxx
Jaz said…
Oh Jennifer your so cute!!! Watching your video I was happy for you. I believe true fashionista's are maxanista's or whatever. Any whoot good for you and I think you should keep the haul video's coming. You should never keep an awesome sale to yourself congrats on your haul!
Alison said…
You're so cute! It's so weird to see you in a video but I definitely think you should do more! You're the queen of bargain, for real :D
Kristel Knows said…
Aw thank you lovelies! :) *blushy* Couldnt have done it without your support.
FruFru said…
Loved the cross earrings and the high-low skirt , love your style!

my blog:
Amanda K said…
You are so adorable! I think I have a fashion crush on you! Such great style.

That was a crazy shopping day, all those shoes...amazing. I love love love the blue ones.
Nichole said…
Love your video, you did a wonderful job!
Maria said…
Bestie:) Haha du fick mig att garva flera gånger under videon. Just a look from you and I laugh with my heart. Du är så fin!!!
Och jävlar vilka klipp! Vill åka till USA INOM KORT. Rulla ut extrabädden.
Älskar dig!
Kristel Knows said…

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