The weeks that has passed...

A little picture Fest :)
1. A pair of shorts I've been working on for quite some time now, finally done now. 2. Jason and I = Jasifer at the wedding reception. 3. The Beautiful bride dancing with her father. 4. Wore my new shoes, love these single strap mid-heel sandals.
5-6. At the wedding reception they had a belly dancer preform, she was amazing! 7. You see the American flag pretty much everywhere here. 8. Stuck in traffic on the bus going through the Lincoln tunnel to the city, this is very common.
9. Time Square, SO crowded at this time of the season. 10. Kelly snaps pictures. 11. It's very common that a person will walk in front of your camera when taking pictures of Time Square, like here for example. lol 12. SHIP! At Manasquan beach.
13. Ooo, text made out of clouds! 14. I wish going to the beach was free, it doesn't make sense to have to pay 8$ to enter the beach. But in Jersey it does. 15-16. Rocking my two piece bikini.
17. Manasquan Beach NJ. 18. What would I do without my tripod?! Love. 19-20. They expanded the Plus size section at the mall at Forever21, yay
21. NYC. 22. Lovely jackets from MYNT 1792's  showroom, I want them so bad!! 23. Kelly from Masque Mag loving what she's seeing. 24. Kelly can't deal with how NICE this jean jacket fits her! :D
25. Delicious lunch at the Noodle House, love Chinese food! 26. Kelly instagraming and tweeting ;) 27-28. What I tried out at Fashion to Figure, loved everything I had time to try out, but I'm def. Going back soon, the store is amazing!! Just look at it! :P
Thanks for reading and following *mwah*


Anonymous said…
i looooove that two piece on you!!! ahhhhhh

...i always look like such a dope lol
Kristel Knows said…
Thaaank yoooou!!! (*^_^*)

LOL NOOO!! :P love your "can't deal" look when trying on the jacket. <3 it looked so nice on you!!
Marian said…
wow can't believe that you have to pay to go to the beach!
Ticka said…
Nice pics!! $8 to go to the beach!??! Wow!! You killed that two piece! Love it!!

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