4 Must Have Jackets

1. From Forever21 Plus size, 2. From New LOOK Inspire, 3. From ASOS Cruve, 4. From Eloquii.

I'm so looking forward to FALL I can not tell you!
It is gonna be so nice to dress in layers again without sweating your ass off, I love summer I really do but I'm good now, I got my tan I had my vacation I'm ready for Autumn and Winter! :)
An Awesome jacket it a must and above are 4 favorites that I think every plus size fashionista should own ;). An edgy faux leather jacket, this one is from Forever21 Plus size, the added studds adds that extra edgy-ness and studds are so hot right now! :P A classic quilted jacket, I have one in black and I LOVE mine! I want this lighter brown one as well! So classic and stylish.
A comfortable Army brown/green utility jacket! I love these, LOVE THESE! A def. must have! I love the fit and style so much. Last but not least a CLASSIC Statement coat! The Black and White goes so right together, and this kind of jacket will look amazing on any body! Such a classic.
Which one is our favorite?

What kind of jacket do you need this fall?

Thanks for reading and following! *hearts*


Marian said…
The ones you put minus nÂș2 !
Unknown said…
I love the number 2 and 3! xoxo

Natalie Mulford said…
I want the first one so bad! WHY does shipping have to be so expencive!?
ari said…
The first one and the last one are truly calling my name!!
Unknown said…
i really like the 1st and 4th one
Ti Dickenson said…
Yes, I also have my eye on the faux leather one from Forever 21, they are seriously selling out super quick. Matter of fact they don't have my size anymore. Thank god the Forever 21 by me still have my size in stock.
Just Daisy said…
I love #2! Got to have



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