BFSC FINALE! - Voting Poll

Hi Everyone!
Sorry for the delay but here is the Big Fat Summer Challenge "FINALE" post. 
These are all the lovely ladies that participated that completed the BFSC. YAY! Give them all a round of applause! They have worn everything on the challenge list, some are one look in one outfit, and some are two looks in one outfit. :) If you want to take a closer look at ever individual challenge look of these lovely ladies you can "Search" Weekly Summary on the right top corner and that will list all the weekly summary posts throughout the summer that I've made for you to click and view and look at all their looks again.
You girls rock for completing, I wish you all the luck in the "finale"-voting!
Yeah, since it is too hard for ME to choose a winner I'm leaving it all up to the readers, my readers and your readers, family and friends. Etc. :)
Who is your favorite? Which ones outfits and looks do you like the most? Who inspires you?
Take a careful look at all the finalists looks and make your vote at the bottom of the post!
Enjoy! ;)

Voting will be open for one week, voting will end the 12th of August.
You can vote every day.

Voting is over! Congratulations to +size southern lady!! :D

You are the BFSC winner of 2012

The winner will win a $50 gift card and her choice of retail store, gifted by me.
As well as the "Big Fat Summer Challenge Winner of 2012" title ;) giiiirl, I'll make you a badge! ;)

Thanks for all the wonderful and supporting and positive responses to this summer challenge!
It means the world to me, you all are amazing!
Can't wait for next year's summer challenge! Don't forget to vote!


Taylor Brione said…
Whoo! I voted! All the ladies did a wonderful job! I'm glad I participated as well! :) Great challenge girl!!

Taylor Brione
Ticka said…
OMG!!! All of you ladies did a fantastic job!
Wow that was SOOO hard, because I truly loved at least 3 of them as favorites through out this whole thing!
Kristel Knows said…
it is really really hard, but remember if you have more then one favorite, you can vote for them another day, you have one vote to give everyday for week :)
this is so exciting!

Unknown said…
Congratulations ladies!!!
Miss Dre said…
All of the ladies looked so lovely! Congrats to each of you, as you are all winners to me!

Divamazon said…
Congratulations to all the lovely ladies that participated! :) It was BEYOND fun! :)
MiMi said…
OMG all these ladies look spectacular! It's sooo hard to choose, but congrats ladies on completing this challenge you all did wonderful :)!
Unknown said…
Yay!!!!! I won!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity and it was so much fun!!!

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