BFSC Weekly Summary 8

OMG! The Big fat summer challenge "Weekly summary" 8 is here!
This took forever btw to put together, everyone is finishing on a high note with great challenge look combos, two pieces and Summery outfits that POP! You all have seriously rocked it this summer and we should all give ourselves an applaud :D Great job everyone!!
I'm so excited to later on go through all the participants that has completed the challenge and post a "finale" post with voting polls. I will put together ALL your 10 challenge looks and all the readers will be able to look back to what you've work and vote ;) 
Enjoy the very last BFSC weekly summary!
If I have forgotten anything, let me know! There's been a lot to go through, pictures and blogs, following up, editing and such that I can easily have forgotten something, so just let me know if that is the case. I'll be sure to correct it ASAP. :) 
WOW, I also just want to thank, real quick, (Again) everyone that has joined the challenge! When I started it I really didn't think I would get the big positive response that I have gotten since starting it,  AS WELL as having so many of you fabulous ladies join in with me. Wow, I was overwhelmed and extremely happy. So thank you for the support! :) It means the world to me that you have all enjoyed it, readers and participants. 

Together we have inspired each other and others to dress the way you want, no matter what. To not be afraid to show more skin and to push our comfort zones. As well as experimenting with current trends and styles. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of this Summer challenge and of course I'll host it next summer as well ;) If not someone else is going to have to!!!!!  That's the worst case scenario but I'm going to make sure I will.
And who knows, maybe even host another challenge soon.... Fall/winter challenge? Stay tuned to find out ;)

Thanks for reading and following!!

Big Fat Summer Challenge SHOWCASE shout out:

We need a Photographer and 2 more girls to join us on Saturday in NYC the 4th of August at 2pm.
Email me at or Peggy at

Challenge looks available: Hi Lo and Short shorts

Let us know ASAP, we need you!! :D


KellyMonroe said…
Werk Ladies!
Ciaa said…
Wow all the ladies rocked it. I cannot wait for the next challege
Malene said…
This has been so much fun. :D Can't wait till the next challenge either.

All the girls did such a great job - and so did you Jennifer!
Tavia Mac said…
Kudos ladies for a job well done! There is so much awesomness flowing here and thanks again Jennifer for being the funnel!

Unknown said…
Great Job ladies!!! Well done...
Ticka said…
This challenge was so much fun!! The ladies really brought it! I loved every minute of it even though I didn't finish the last part of it with the bikini (which I will post soon). Thank you Jennifer!! If you do another one, I'm all in!! =D
WOW Everyone looks FABULOUS!!!! Great job to us all!!
Kristel Knows said…
YES!!! agreed you all have rocked it!!! <3 you go girls!
Divamazon said…
Thanks so much for hosting this challenge Jennifer! It was a blast!!!
Jennifer this was an AMAZING idea and thank you so much fording this :) all the pics have inspired me so much and I am confide to rock so many trends :)

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