The winner of the BIG FAT SUMMER CHALLENGE has been crowned, Congratulations +Size Southern Lady! With 38% of the votes out of 1634 votes cast you are the winner of a $50 Gift card, purchased by me!
This voting was insane!! :D
I never could imagine that so many would vote, and that the competition would be that fierce.
Thanks you to all the people/readers that voted! Thanks for supporting your favorite fashion blogger. I know it means the world to them!
You girls are beautiful and I've loved to follow your BFSC style journeys! You have all done such a great job completing all the challenge looks, and you all are winners in my eyes!
YAY! *clap clap clap* Thank you all for the support in this Summer challenge! It means the world to me, I feel so blessed that you all have been a part of it.
And I really really hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did. :)
 At the BFSChallenge tap on the top right corner I've updated the page with all the girls completed challenge looks :) together with the voting results and the winner announcement. I will keep it up there all year ;) To be a reminder of the Challeng itself and all the fabulous looks in the FINALE of BFSC 2012. Yay!
Who is looking forward to next summers BIG FAT SUMMER CHALLENGE?! :P
My 3 Favorite looks from the BFSC winner +Size Sothern Lady.

Thank you so much everyone for reading and following!

ps. Stay tuned for the amazing BIG FAT SUMMER CHALLENGE SHOWCASE PICTURES we shoot at Brooklyn Bridge in NYC last weekend, showcasing the various challenge looks. 
Hosted together with Peggy from On the Q train
I can not wait for you all to see them! :D That will be the grand finale ending to the BFSC of 2012.
Don't go anywhere.


congrats!!! loving the middle look the best :-)

Crystal said…
Congratulations Timeka!!! I lurk over at your blog, but I'm slowly coming out of the shadows! LOL I enjoyed all of the looks of the participants! Great job ladies!
Anonymous said…
What www page does she have? Cant find her...:(
ShariGold said…
congratulations! fabulous outfits.
Miss Dre said…
Congratulations Timeka!!
Unknown said…
Thank you so much Jennifer for this challenge. I truly thought that I was not going to make til the end, but I did!!! To all the ladies thank you so much and I truly appreciate the love and support!!! I am still on the blog train, I just changed the name of my blog. I am now and all of you, feel free to stop by my blog.

So looking forward to next year's BFSC as Curvy Southerner ;-)...

Thanks again Jennifer
Jenni said…
Late to the game, but enjoyed looking back through all the pictures and will have to check out all these great blogs!
Kerissa said…
Congratulations! You are beautiful :)

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