Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Fall Collection 2012
A Plus size girl wears it ;)
So on my second day at work I decided to spice it up a little and wear this outfit for work, which pieces are from the Fall Collection at Ann Taylor :) I absolutely adore the black and white leo pattern prints they have going on! (The leo pattern dress is one of them, LOVE!) With the pop of hot pink this look is complete. As I'm shopping at the store I find myself at the end buying ONLY pieces from the fall collection even though I tried on so many other different pieces. I really love the look!
So Ann Taylor doesn't really carry PLUS sizes, they do carry sizes up to a size 18 reg and 16 petite but not further and they run small in sizes, but what I've noticed that it's all about choosing the right fabrics and styles! I've even been able to go down a size and still fit in to the dresses and bottoms as long as they have stretch, and their clothes are really well made and the choice of fabrics is excellent so when slipping into those pants, dresses and skirts you feel super comfortable and you can still move around freely, you just feel fly as hell ;) I was afraid of not fitting in to their pants but I did! I bought a size 14 black cropped skinny zipper pants, amazingly comfortable, and this skirt is a size 14 as well, I can slip into it without having to un-zip as well, and the woven top is a size XL and the fabric is super soft and smooth and it breaths.

Totally love this outfit, got so many compliments which was so sweet. *blush blush*

More work outfits coming this weekend and next week as I go back to work again ;)
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Amarachi said…
Very Cute!! I had no clue they carried size 18!

Just Daisy said…
That skirt looks absolutely great on you!

Karina said…
So cute! Love the pink bow back tee! :-)

Marta said…
You totally rock the outfit!!! I love the detail of the bow in the back of the dress. The outfit has like a "classy" shape (wich is great for work) but a much modern color and pattern!

Unknown said…
Omg, the top is fantastic! you look like perfect!. kisses
Style4Curves said…
Cute look!!
ZAG said…
Chic is right! That top is amazing and the pink is such a pretty color on you. Love that you matched your lip with the blouse. The bow is outta this world! And the skirt, well what can I say I'm a huge leopard fan so it definitely has my vote. So pretty!!
Amanda K said…
That top is adorable! You are going to kill it at work dressed like that. If I was a customer I'd come straight to you for help. Chic, confident, and fun.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work outfits.
Unknown said…
Very Cute!!!! Love the skirt!!!

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