I am Torrid - Stiletto Jean Review

Hi everyone! :D
So as you can notice I haven't been able to keep up with the blog as much as I usually do and I fear that I will not be able to keep up as much as I want to now once I start working. *sigh
But I will do my best to keep updated with OOTD's etc. Because I will be "dressing up" for work ;) I got a part time position at "Ann Taylor" at the Mall, so excited! And they have a pretty great dress code, feminine chic of course ;) Ala Ann Taylor mood.
So I'll be sure to snap a quick OOTD before I get off to work everyday and showcase some work styles. :D So yeah, I got a job! YAY! I have my first official work day tomorrow, wish me luck!

So remember in June during Full Figured Fashion Week I attended a Torrid event in NYC "A torrid affair"? :D where a group of plus size bloggers and women got to try out their newest up and coming jean called the Stiletto! You can read that post here! :)
It was a super fun and fabulous day, with mingling, picture taking, drinks and snacks and jean fittings for all the ladies. ALSO we all got our own pair of Jeans!! It was free of choice, but I HAD to choose the stiletto jean (without the zipper) I got it a month ago probably so sorry for the delay of outfit post "review", I LOVE THESE JEANS!
As I stated in my "A Torrid Affair" post, I love love love them! They fit amazingly, they hug your body and curves in an always flattering way, great cropped cut (especially for me that's a shorty, thank god I don't have to roll up my jeans!!) comfortable and super stretchy!
I love these Stiletto jeans so much I got them with the zipper and acid wash AS WELL ;)
And I'm a bargain fashionista and normally don't spend that much money on jeans (With the main reason because I haven't been able to find something that fits perfect.) , I know I'm so cheap BUT these Stiletto jeans from Torrid is worth EVERY PENNY! I don't care about the price I need these jeans because they make me feel sexy and comfortable, win win! ;) They don't pull, they don't dig into my hips or stomach, the Stiletto's are perfect!
And let me tell you, I've never owned a pair of Jeans that has fit and felt this good before... in IN MY LIFE! haha! Torrid says they swear by the fit, and it's true! The fit is amazing!
Stiletto Jeans courtesy of Torrid size 16, Top from HM size L, Necklace from HM, Thin gold bracelet from Brooklyn Flee market, Golden ring from XSRE store, Cross row bracelet from XSRE store, Leo pattern stilettos from Charlotte Russe.

I've gotten my 3 pair of Stiletto's in a size 16 and they are true to size, the Acid wash is a little tighter then the other two denim blue ones. I'm sure the Acid wash will stretch out a little after a bit more usage ;) They are amazing on as well, super edgy and cool!

Thank you SO much Torrid for giving us all our own pair of Stiletto's at the event AND for hosting such a successful and fun event! I will never forget it. There's not a lot of things in life that are given to u for free so...Thank you so much Torrid! :) And like I said I'm now hooked and will probably get all the Stiletto washes that will be coming out ;)


Thanks for reading and following!

PS. I wore the Stiletto jeans for my interview, outfit post bellow. :) 


Jyoti said…
I can see why you like them! They fit you very well! Also love the top! I'm so jealous of bloggers than can look so good in yellow. xD
M I N G said…
You always look like a doll! Those jeans fit you perfectly, no joke!
Emma said…
Vet inte hur det fingerar med blogspot men du kan väl göra tidsinställda inlägg? Typ förbereda massa inlägg om typ en tröja du gillar eller så, något som inte är ett "idag"-inlägg. Då kommer det ju upp inlägg regelbundet och du kan slappna av på jobbet :)
Unknown said…
You look like perfect! XOXO
Marta said…
The jeans look amazing. I love the outfit, the color of the shirt really looks great on you, and the crown braid...so lovely!!

XX http://miramodernonosoybethditto.blogspot.com.es
Ticka said…
They look great on you!! Love the fit!

I have yet to try on a pair, but I've only seen one blogger say they were ill fitting on her. The rest have said they were a hit! I will be trying them soon!
KellyMonroe said…
Those jeans are smoking and Ive been eyeing them every since you posted about the event! I cant wait to get my hands on a pair next month!

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