I forgot about this dress...

Oh my godness, time is seriously flying away!!!
Where did this summer go? We're already pretty much half way into August and Summer is close to over!? It went by too fast, what did I do this summer? :P Have a long nice vacation that's for sure. I've thoroughly enjoyed this free time after many years of hard hard hard working to get where I am today. :) I should give myself a pat on the back, I don't really remind myself that often that I really did a good job ;). I payed off all my bills and credit cards, worked hard and saved a lot of money to be able to support myself here in the US during the time of un-employment. I came here in March and I'm still OK with money. I would have had even more money if I didn't go shopping all the time :P I'm so bad, but hey! What can you do? I live and breathe fashion, I've worked hard for a reason, to be able to treat myself later.
Not when I've finally gotten my EAD card I can not wait to start working again. :)

Since, summer is soon over I wanted to wear this Hi Lo dress from Target again, I totally forgot about it, hiding in the closet. It's the very first Hi Lo clothing piece I bought, and after that literally fell in love with the trend. :P and now I have lots of lots of Hi Lo pieces.
It's so comfortable and flattering I hope I can somehow incorporate this dress in fall/winter as well.

Omg, can't wait for fall/winter!!!
Leggings, thights, layers, booties, jackets, scarfs...
Feel me? :D
Dress from Target, Shoes from Cotton on, Various rings and bracelets, Bag from China Town.


You do justice to that Hi-Low trend girl, this dress looks great on you. And kudos to you for working hard enough to be able to treat yourself right now! You did well. You say you can't wait for fall? I'm about ready to kick winter out, I can't stand the cold and it's so icy down here in South Africa at the moment we're all wishing summer back.
Jenny said…
Love this dress. It's amazing!

Unknown said…
Cute Dress Jasifer!!!

very cute!! and i feel you about the fall...i LOVE leggins, blazers and boots!!

Just Daisy said…
Great dress, how could you forget about it? Its far too cute!


Ticka said…
Paying all of your bills deserves a pat on the back how crazy times are right now! Great job!

I love the print on this dress! Very cute!
Unknown said…
I love it, very colorful
Style Agent 909 said…
I could see that dress with some tights, boots and a sweater over it. No reason why it can't follow you into fall.
BTW, thanks so much for hosting the style challenge this summer. It got me to wearing real shorts again!
Unknown said…
Really cute dress, my sister has the same dress!!

Carsedra of:


Gazel M. said…
You are killing it with your hi-low outfits, I love it. The colours are very nice.


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