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All necklaces are available at Ginatricot
Oh lord, I wish Ginatricot shipped internationally because I am loving all the new accessories they have in stores and online! Ginatricot is one of my favorite stores back home, I find myself making loads of bargain deals on simple yet chic basics there, and I'm really missing it. (They have legit AMAZING SALES!) Based in Sweden they have today expanded to many countries all over Europe and are also available online!
When they start shipping to the U.S. I'll scream! (Out of excitement and joy of course)
But for now I guess I'm going to have to endure this excruciating torture of admiring their pieces on my computer screen, OR have my sister send me some stuff...I'm honest to god considering that because I love love love their latest accessories!
Super chic, edgy and stylish. Love the crosses, you know me I'm a cross-accessory addict/lover.
The skulls are made chic and feminine with its pastel colors, love the gold plated statement necklaces, and that "BUG" necklace is really interesting. KUDOS GINA! I did not expect you guys pulling that off. Awesome!
And all these awesome looking statement necklaces are all affordable! SUCH A WIN WIN!
*tear* I miss giiiina!

I am seriously kicking myself for not being in Sweden right now.
I'm squirming in my seat, in agony. I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE!
This is just 25% of all the accessories I loved, there's earrings, bags and bracelets as well.
But it was too much to put in one post so I am just going to have to split it up into parts. Ha-ha!

Which necklace is your favorite?



Jenny said…
The bug necklace is just amazing.

Anonymous said…
Loved the 2nd one, first row.

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Unknown said…
When i lived in Denmark, I bought a lot of thing in Ginatricot. XOXO
Alison said…
Gosh, thanks for this Jen! Gina Tricot was one of my favorite shops back in Sweden and thanks to you, I've just gone back to their website to realize... They're finally delivering in Belgium <3 !

Btw, there's a look alike of the last necklace on the right in H&M (also in silver) but I don't see it in every shop!
Crystal said…
I like the 5th and last necklace. All of them look like great pieces.
while the bug one scares me, i like it!! the 2 cross ones too!

Unknown said…
Ahhh that bug necklace is so a prop from a John Waters film, I love it! It's funny too because I HATE bugs in real life, if I'm ever caught running it is because there is a bug around, true story.

mrsjarette said…
3rd row 2nd necklace is hot!
Unknown said…
The bug necklace is hott!!!

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