Picnic in Hoboken

Tank top from Target, Cut off shorts DIY studded, Cardigan "scarf" from Cotton On, Various rings, Sunglasses from Firmoo.com.
So I went with a couple of friends to Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken NJ. So happy we went for a little picnic and spent the day outside enjoying the weather and all, I love this location. This is where my friend Eunice took me for the Igigi Valencia dress review "Photo-shoot" a couple of months ago.
Also, so cute! The little doggies were such Kids-magnets :P haha! See: bottom picture to the right, that little girl was ADORABLE! :)

Thanks for reading and following *hearts*


Anonymous said…
that scarf is really gorgeous. i need one for the fall!
Style4Curves said…
love the shorts!
Unknown said…
The shorts are great, I love them. kisses
Unknown said…
I adore your new haircut, you look beautiful. This sounds like such a fabulous day, you're such a lucky lady getting to live so close to NYC. Cute scarf too!

Loving the DIY shorts! And your hairstyle really suits you :)

x R (@ http://shesaidxshesaid.blogspot.com)
Anonymous said…
Hi nice site

Unknown said…
I really like your DIY shorts and that cardigan scarf, cute outfit!!!

Carsedra of:


Oh wow looks like you guys had so much fun. The weather look lovely, not like here in CA. Smh ...all it is is hot lol. Great outfit you look very cute!
Anonymous said…
You look you nice with your new haircut . . . . your blog is really beautiful . . . some greetings vom germany . . Tina

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