Showcasing Plus Size Summer-looks


The day is finally here, I'm so excited to share these fabulous and super sweet Showcase photos with you all! Peggy from on the Q train came to me with the great idea of having a BFSC showcase when the challenge had ended, we started the planing and coming up with details of the shoot and decided to having plus size (size 12 and up) girls showcase all the 10 different challenge looks at the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, a perfect back drop for our pictures. Never did I think that just getting this challenge to happen was gonna face us with more challenges. Ha-Ha! :D
From having all the 10 girls ready and listed for the showcase, all neatly organized and all the plans set to less then a week before the challenge have a girl drop out, another one not able to make it, and even one that couldn't make it the same day. Stressed, I lost all track of who wore what etc. and my organized list was screwed ha-ha! :P desperate last day searches for an additional girls to join us that special day scaled us down to 8 gorgeous girls doing the Showcase with us instead! :)
And that is all that matters! ;)
We were working it!
I want to thank all the girls SO much for committing to the Big Fat Summer Challenge Showcase, Thanks for joining us and looking so fabulous and beautiful!
It was a pleasure to met you all in real life and it was so nice to spend the day with you all on that beautiful day taking lots of fierce pictures showing of our real beauty and sexy curves in summer outfits. ;) (and being "tourist"-ie checking out the Bridge for the first time!)

THANK YOU! And hope you enjoy the shots.
Group photo nr 1 from the left: Shenequa, I, Ebony and Christina. Photo nr 2 from the left: Kaila, Shenequa, I, Christina, Ebony and Peggy.
Foolishness with Kelly from Masquemag.
Kelly from, Peggy from, Ebony from Naturally Thick, Cherice from, Shenequa from Love and Hair, Friends of Peggy Kaila and Christina, AND yours truly ;)

I also want to send out my endless love and thanks to Kelly my dear for taking these pictures in true Photog-mode *hearts* Thank you, without you and your kick ass camera this showcase wouldn't have been as fabulous as it become.
To all the curvy, fat, plus size, fiercely real, thick, big, full figured (whatever you want to call it ;)) girls, stay real, stay fabulous, stay confident, love your body! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
Don't be afraid to show more skin, dare to experiment with fashion, and stay true to your style, be YOU! ;) no matter what.
I hope this Summer challenge has inspired and/or helped your push yourself out of your comfort zone and made you feel better about yourself and body. If you have, I'm thrilled, that means that I have served my purpose, as well as all the other fabulous girls in the showcase and the girls that has participated in this BFSChallege.

It truly means the world to me.


PS. Want to see even moooore picutres from the SHOWCASE you can visit my page on Facebook, click here! More group shots, and shots of the girls!


Carmesha said…
This is all types of fabulous! Everyone looks great!
kinderleicht said…
Wow, you guys look stunning! I love your colourful outfits so much. <3
Jenny said…
Great pictures. You all look so beautiful :-) Love it!

Alison said…
Saw those pictures last night and they're amazing! You're all glowing with your style & beautiful smile. Keep on rocking those curves, girls!
Crystal said…
You all look so beautiful!!! Great photo shoot!

Look at all of the friends you've made since moving here...I remember reading a post where you were looking for friends in the area. So glad it has worked out for you that you've made some hopefully lasting friendships. :) All of you ladies look super fab.

And just because I'm a nail polish fanatic, could you find out what shade of polish Kelly is wearing in that bottom pic? :) Thanks.
Unknown said…
awww it looks like you guys had so much fun!
Unknown said…
I like all, Good post!!!
Miss Dre said…
All of you ladies look so fabulous! And it looks like you had lots of fun!
Unknown said…
Love these pics!!! Looks like you all had a great and exciting time!!! The looks of the showcase were hott as well!!! And on to the next BFSC of 2013!!! Lets get it!!!
Malene said…
I loved the challenge! And I love this post and all the shots and outfits!
If only New York was closer I would've been there. ;)
NV said…
Hi, I'm from Brazil, for some time I visit your blog and today I dreamed about you. You were getting married, you was beautiful as always and very happy!


Natália V.
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you so much you girls rock! ;)<3

Crystal: aw I know, it really turned around, i feel blessed!! Thank you! I know that the nail polish is from Lane Bryant, just dont know the exact color, you should shoot her a comment on her blog ;)

N: omg, that's so cool! that's crazy that I was in your dream, but sooo cool! :) so sweet that happen.

ciaa said…
WOW I wish i was there . It looks like you guys had fun .
Kerissa said…
Each of you are stunning! Radiating confidence and beauty. Stylish in your own way and it makes me proud to see curvy girls showcasing themselves!
Siki-Lou said…
OMG pictures look AHMAZING!!!! Hope to meet up with you guys next time xo
Unknown said…
Great pics! You all look fab!!
Ontheqtrain said…
I love the photos girl. I cant wait for next summer ;)
Unknown said…
Great Photos! Everyone looks amazing. Im kindaa jello that i couldnt be apart of it lol. But where did you get your crop top from?!?!? i loveeeeeee it !

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