SPLURGE VS SAVE - Black turtle-neck dress

As a bargain Fashionista I try to do my research before I make my purchase. 
What options do I have? Can I find something more affordable, that's within my person price-range?
I don't want to break my bank, ha-ha, since I'm currently looking for work and don't have a steady income. I need to be smart with my money, now more than ever.
So I'd thought it would be a great idea to share my plus size bargain options that I occasionally come across online. :)

So I was browsing around plus size retailers online, checking out their newest lookbooks etc. And came across this fabulous Turtleneck-long sleeve-black dress from JIBRI. Overall I really like their newest collection, I love the black edginess this dress exudes. Their dark styling with the smoky eye and black lip is really really cool, it works! But I'm sorry JIBRI I can not afford that fabulous dress, it is just too pricey for me personally. If I had $220 to spend I would put it towards a flight ticket back home to Sweden or go to a thrift store and get my hands on plenty of great steals. 
For now I'm just going to have to admire the dress on my computer screen. I love that it's solid black, full coverage on the upper part of the body, I like the idea of NOT having to necessarily show cleavage but still look sexy and mysterious. This is a great dress for the fall/winter.

Later I visited Carmakoma's online website and came across a similar design :) and costs less. Carmakoma is another favorite plus size designer retailer of mine, I love their chic and edgy style combined. SO ME! Compared to JIBRI'S dress the Carmakoma dress has a shorter skirt and not the same seems details around the waist as JIBRI. But that's about it.




Unknown said…
Ummm I like the way the less expensive dress looks, but the more expensive one looks like it will have better coverage in the stomach area (not to say that you need it)!

Love the blog!

Unknown said…
This dress is cute!!! I love the midi length by JIBRI!!!
Anonymous said…
Here is another option you might like to check out:
i love both, but i think the option of one the right because i'm a sucker that length of dress but i love the short one as well.
Susan Plus Size said…
I honestly think the cheaper one is a lot more stylish.
I can't be sure which I prefer until I can really touch the material and check out the texture and feel of each dress.

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