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Hello my beloved followers and readers! ;) *mwah*
As I'm a busy little bee working lots and lots, the money will soon start rolling in a little bit. I don't have a kick ass salary, but it's decent. I can definitely feel splurge a little on shopping (However my closet is stuffed, no more room, yikes, It's super small to begin with don't get me wrong ;) I just need to sort it out) I've been drooling over Forever21's latest arrivals the most :)
Forever21's plus size line just keeps getting better in better in terms of trendy and fashion forward pieces! That most importantly are...AFFORDABLE! ;D below are some of my favorites at the moment that I would love to own, I'm definitely gonna buy one of those awesome blazers! Love the look and it's prefect for fall!
All the pieces are from Forever21 Plus size

What's on your wishlist?

Stay tuned! ;)


When they first came out with a light i swear i was in heaven then it started to slip, and now i feel like it's regaining again, and maybe the designers are getting hip to the idea of putting out some cute clothes, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with that blogger WTForever21, she puts them on blast for certain stuff they come out with. One thing i love about them is their pencil skirts, they have the right formula for my curvy hips! Almost all of my skirts are from their plus collection.
Unknown said…
Good selection!!
Malene said…
The black dress is on my wishlist!
And everything in my latest post. ;)
Kristel Knows said…
RIGHT! Can't wait for my next paycheck to make a purchase hehehehe ;)
Anonymous said…
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