Making a Statement

Hey Lovelies!
This is what I wore to work the other day, thank god I can dress up a little bit at least during the week and not ONLY in a "all black"-café Barista uniform ;)
So at Ann Taylor I can dress up and have fun with statement necklaces, make-up and styles. Loving it! ;) They are getting in some super awesome stuff this fall and winter, dying, I wish I had unlimited money to just get everything in the store I love ;) What I dream. For example they got a long sleeve, comfortable, stretchy peplum top in navy that I NEEEEED!!! AS WELL, as a super stylish (designer look-alike) deep plum colored cap sleeve dress that is to die for! Can't wait to show you guys! Anyway, I'm so happy I got through this week! Thank the lord, this was the week that both jobs double booked me and I.....underline-I, basically had to fix, swap, cut, alter to be able to satisfy both places this busy week of Labor Day, Fashion night out weekend etc. This week flew by and I counted in around 50 hours of work. Am I tired and exhausted...YES.....questioning what I'm still doing up at 2 am after a day of 11 hours of work...YES. I'm surprised I'm not passed  out in bed yet. Well, I will crawl into bed soon and enjoy a long night of sleep because tomorrow I'm off! YAY!
And then on Monday another week of busy work continues, wish me luck ;) We'll see how long I'll last. :P For now...and the mean time...I really need the money.
Not to forget, I AM having fun working. :) The E-bar at Nordstrom is always busy, event-full and exciting and Ann Taylor is fashion fun, inspiring and it's so nice to build a connection with all the ladies shopping in the store. I've had a few that I've helped pick out different styles and clothing pieces that they never would have tried if I didn't show them to them, and then ended up LOVING them, and appreciating my help and that is the most rewarding thing about the job, I love it! It makes me day. :) 

So yeah, the busy week of work explains the lack of updates but I promise I'll be better. I miss not getting those outfit posts in and taking outfit pictures regularly. ;)
Stay tuned...and thanks for reading and following, you guys make my day too! *hearts*
Cropped pants from Ann Taylor size 14, White Tank top from Ann Taylor size L, Open Cardigan from Ann Taylor size L, Watch from Walmart, Shoes from Charlotte Ruse, Ring from XSRE store, Necklace from HM.


I like your outfits and your sense of style. I read your blog everyday. Thank you for really nice ideas. But I still can't find my style.
Best wishes from Lithuania
Taylor Brione said…
Love those pants!!!

Taylor Brione
Natalie Mulford said…
I'm sooo in love with those pants, they look amazing! Now, GO TO SLEEP!
loving the pants AND the necklace!!

Unknown said…
Ok so about the fact that those shoes ate pure life! And those pants...fantastic! You look great. I love everything about this outfit.
FabEllis said…
Those shoes are fierce!
Crystal said…
I think the ladies you help are extremely lucky because you dress so well and i know you are putting together some really great outfits for them. This is such a nice outfit you're wearing. Make you're getting some rest, so that you don't get burnt out.
Laura said…
Oh dear, you sure look amazing in those pants! And I totally love your short(er) hair! Did your really wear those (admittedly ver pretty) heels ALL day long? :O?
Unknown said…
Gorgeous!!!! Give me those shoes!
Unknown said…
Werk!!! I love those shoes!!!
Anonymous said…
those shoes are EVERYTHING!
Anonymous said…
You look great as always!
I love you with short hair :]

BTW; I am hosting a little giveaway on my blog. Stop by!
Nichole said…
Love the shoes! This look is fantastic. Love it!
Kristel Knows said…
aaaw thank you!!!! <3 your sweeties make my day, for real! So blessed!

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