O.M.G! Speaking of fall another piece I really want for the season is not only an utility jacket but also an utility VEST! So frikkin' awesome! Don't you agree? For those "not so cold" fall days.

It started off with me spotting this girl coming by the cafe when I was working that totally rocked it, I complimented it and just HAD TO KNOW where she got it from....Charlotte Russe, good luck I thought, for me! I'm never gonna find a size that fits me there and she told me she got it a loooong time ago, like years ago, I was like Aaaah!!! I need to find myself another one. Somwhere, wherever doesnt matter! :D Well I found this online from Ralph Lauren, super chic! I don't really care for the furr and stuff, so minus that, and it's exactly what I'm looking for. SO this vest is 180$ something, I'm like heck no, even though I love it, if I had the money...I'd buy it in a heart beat. 
SOOOO!! What I'm trying to say is...IF you know where I can get my hands on a army green utility vest please let me know! I'd appreciate it so much! Finders fee!! :P LOL.

Do you like the look for fall?


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