Swedish Fashion - Kappahl's XLNT

The availability for plus size fashion in Sweden is not great, but at least we have something. At lest we have somewhere to go look for hidden gems of fashion forward pieces among unflattering prints, cuts and bad-fitted pieces of clothing that look like Sh**! (Excuse me ;))
Kappahl is one of those places where we Swedish plus size ladies can go look for clothes, sizes range from size EU44+. Bellow are a few favorites that I found online, I must say that the pieces online right now are not that good, not a lot to choose between unfortunately, maybe it's just online and they have more available in stores? I don't know...BUT! I must say I adore that black and white button down blouse, super cute! Love that they have more slimmer jeans/pants available now as well, and I know, I KNOW they have awesome winter/falls coats and jackets available in stores as well, I got my quilted black jacket from them last season, LOVE IT! 
You'll be seeing more of it when fall comes around, I brought it here to the U.S. :)

Also, I must say I really love their name XLNT for the plus size, really smart and "Excellent" choice of name ;)!
As well as them hosting a plus size model search this year, Don't know if they crowned a winner yet, gotta check that out. :) 

Anyways, wish that I had more to offer, but this is what I could work with at this time, maybe the'll have more fall fashion coming in soon...However it's clear to say that the availability for plus size fashion in the U.S. is much better then Sweden haha! :P Sorry Sweden.

Which piece is your favorite?

Pants, tops, knitted scarfs and head pieces from Kappahl's plus size line XLNT, Shoes available at Nelly.com, earrings on left from HM, earrings on right from Ginatricot, bag and nailpolish from HM.

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Marta said…
I really like all the things you chose, specially the mustardy jumper and the shirt!

XX http://miramodernonosoybethditto.blogspot.com.es
Ti Dickenson said…
omg need that ombre button down.

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