The perfect wall

O.M.G! I can not believe HOW busy I am and that I have been SO BAD at updating the blog. Aah! I wish I had more time, and I wish I had more energy, like I've said before, I stay up late, get nothing done...really...realize it's passed midnight and, there we go again, another day with less then 6 hours of sleep and wanted to break down. I know I know it's horrible, i don't know WHY I'm doing this to myself, but I guess I want to prove to myself that I can manage a full time job AND a part time job. SMH.

This is how typical day is for me atm:
Wake up go to work at 9 AM.
Work Ann Taylor 9AM-1:30PM.
Leave and walk to E-bar (also at the mall) change clothes.
Work E-bar from 2PM-10:30PM.
So at the end of the day I've at least worked 10-11 hours, and there is at least 3 days out of the week that are like these, and then the rest of the 2 days I'll just work at the E-bar. I'm basically on my feet the whole time, yes...I am! (Praise the lord for crocs, my savior, however my feet are still tired and a bit sore)
Yeah, its though...I'm not gonna lie. I love working at both places, it's fun! I'm growing as a person, gaining more experience and friends. I couldn't ask for more besides more time and energy that is all, by the end of the week I have the "BLUE LAW" in Bergen county NJ to thank for having the mall closed on Sundays, So I'm always off this sacred day :P YAY!
So tomorrow I am OFF WORK and I'm gonna turn off my alarms and sleep as long as I need to. Can't wait. Anyway, we'll see how long I'll last working like this. :P I'm such a NO-lifer right now, just work work work. I'm a shopaholic and workaholic. So true.
Top from Simply Be Won at Giveaway :D, Leggings from SWAK, flats from payless, watch from walmart, Stud bracelet from eBay, Necklace from HM.

When I take the bus to the mall there's one bus that takes me there 35-40 min early or the next one will make me a couple of minutes late, of course *sigh SMH. Anyways, so being early I'm planing to get my OOTD taken before I start work and I found the perfect wall by the parking garage LOL :D thank god for my tripod and this location being secluded :P Won this amazing leo pattern blouse from LOVE BROWN SUGAR like a month ago, I know it took a while for me to get it, but I' so happy to have it, I LOVE IT! It's so easy to wear and super comfortable and I'm not to be frightened of a huge animal print, bring-it-on! ;) Oh and it's from simply Be! THANK YOU Simply Be and Love Brown Sugar!

Thanks for sticking around you guys, even though I haven't been updating much. Just know that I appreciate all your comments and visits SO SO MUCH! It truly makes my day! :)


Malene said…
You take care of yourself! And that's an order! Don't burn yourself out.
Crystal said…
You still look awesome even though you've been working so hard. I love that top. I haven't tried Simply Be yet, but i want to. They have beautiful clothes and they always send me catalogs. I'm always afraid I'll be the one that has to pay customs fees. Lol How long do you plan to work like this? That is an exhausting schedule...well take care and we'll be around.
Deejay Speaks said…
don't over work yourself, by the way that top is too cute love the leopard print
Unknown said…
Your outfit is super cute! and I hope you get all the sleep you need, hopefully something will work out where you don't need to over work yourself so much!

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