Where did that ass come from?

My Torrid Stiletto jeans with side zipper detail has been my "to go" to pair of bottoms, love them! You all know by now that I do ;) I can't rave about them enough! THANK YOU TORRID FOR MAKING SUCH AMAZING JEANS!
This weekend I decided to pair them with a simple black peplum top, it was a beautiful day! Sun was shining, but the humidity was low, which is AWESOME! Like a beautiful crisp and bright Swedish summer day :P I got to spend the day with my god father that's in Jersey on business, he's my dads best childhood friend and it was amazing to see him in another environment, surreal but nice :P Like, last time we saw each other as in Sweden and now we're hanging out in New Jersey. Omg, I can not explain how much I miss my family. Just thinking about my little brother and sister brings tears to my eyes, for real. I'm such a softy I know, I KNOW lol that I will BALL my eyes out whenever I met up my family at the airport whenever in the future that they will come visit. Fingers crossed my sister can come visit during the holidays, that would be the best Christmas present ever!! EVER!!

Still busy working, and working a little more :) BUT tomorrow I get off early so I have a fun Outfitpost/review coming up ;) Stay tuned to see more!

Ps. Love my legs and ass in these jeans, I don't know but I think since starting working and being on my feet for hours it might have shaped up a little, damn. Love it! ;) it was more...flat...before haha :P + I think the stiletto jeans are super flattering too!
Torrid stiletto jeans size 16 with side zipper, Peplum top from Forever21 size L, Watch from Walmart, Wedges from Charlotte Russe.


Jenny said…
Very sexy outfit. This jeans just fits you perfectly.

Unknown said…
LOL@ The title!

You look fab and shaped nicely!
Unknown said…
Hi!!, The will is very elegant peplum and jeans make you a perfect ass, haha. xoxo
Taylor Brione said…
HOT look! And I loooovee those shoes! Werkkk!

Taylor Brione
Olivia Noel said…
I love your body! Cute shoes :)
Unknown said…
You are hilarious but you look nice in those jeans.
I need to work on my self-confidence to wear tight clothings. It's tough for me. I really love the jeans! Nice shoes too.

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