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As usual super busy working, averaging at lest 50 hours + a week just waiting for that window of opportunity to grow and build a career (hopefully) I try to muster all the energy I have left over hours and hours of working on my feet to at least do a few OOTD's through out the week. :)
So what do I do? I bring my tripod with me and snap some photos at the mall parking lot before I start my work day. Preferably before I start my shift at Ann Taylor because that's the time I look most decent LOL :P and not in an all black café uniform with apron.
I'm so grateful that I have a job in retail/fashion because the times I get to work there after I shift a the café I can go from a hot mess cranking out latte's and iced drinks to feminine chic, assisting clients when shopping. I truly love helping all the clients at the store, they are all so lovely and genuine and there's not a better feeling when they thank you for your help and tell you how much they appreciate it. It just makes my day and my week of loads of work hours so much easier. You feel me? :)

Thank you so much for sticking with me even though I haven't been updating much.
It means the world to me.
Top from Ann Taylor SALE size XL, zipper pocket pants from Ann Taylor size 14, Jacket from Kmart, Scarf from eBay, Statement necklace from Ann Taylor SALE, Glasses from Firmoo.com (8$ btw, so awesome! Got so many compliments for them.) Watch from Kmart, Flats from Crocs.


Malene said…
I feel you! It makes my day, when a customer takes the time to thank me for helping.
Plump Parsnip said…
Yey for Crocs! I'd be lost without mine. I just ordered 2 pairs of winterboots from Crocs that I'll be blogging about when they arrive!

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