FALLing for skirts

The passed few days have been beautiful, sunny skies but still a bit chilly, perfect weather for a light jacket and scarf, as well as stockings/thighs, which means! The skirts are coming out of the closet, most of all the skirts that have been a tiny bit too short to have worn during the summer.
This skirt is a good length to wear with out stockings as well BUT it is just SO nice to JUST have to wear stockings and NOT Spanks or cycle short to avoid the "chubb-rubb". 
You got the nice breezy air, no sweaty heat, just crisp air...I love! 
So refreshing, I'm so happy fall is here and I can't wait to wear another one of my old favorite Fall/Winter combos.


This is another work outfit for the day ;)
Skirt from Ann Taylor, Black tank top from Ann Taylor, Nude open cardigan from Ann Taylor, Stockings from HM, Flats from Crocs, Scarf from Nordstrom, Jacket from Kmart, Bag from Ann Taylor, Various accessories.

Thanks for reading and following *hearts you all*
Stay tuned...


annikaherz said…
great combination with the printmix and the parka! :) very nice outfit!
LOVE the print on the skirt, as well as your scarf!

Unknown said…
Cute skirt!!

Carsedra of:


I have to say that this is one of my favorite looks on you.


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